What do I need to grow gorilla glue

It’s my fist time ever growing and I don’t want to mess it up. I understand the basics and just ordered fem gorilla glue seeds. Any advice on what type of soil and lights I should use? Any other helpful knowledge would greatly be appreciated thank you and safe growing

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How much are you willing to spend? How much work do you want to do? Meaning frequency of water. I would recommend coco and jacks 321. Not soil. An hlg light and ac infinity tent/fan.

Reason being. In coco with jacks you feed full strength everyday. Can’t overwater. You use the same ratio of jacks from beginning to end.


My budget is $900 and I’m willing to put any amount of work in to put out some quality bud and thanks for your help. I’ll check out the stuff you listed right now and if there is better equipment that fits my budget please let me know.

@Budz gave a solid recommendation. The biggest problem you’ll encounter is the amount of space will be limited by budget. A decent HLG is gonna run $300ish or more. The 260XL kit will light up a 2x4 tent pretty well. That’s gonna translate into 1-2 plants in an ideal world, or 1-4 plants in a cramped world (only reason to do it that way is multiple strains since indoor growing yield is limited more by space than by plant count). A 2x4 AC Infinity tent Shouldn’t break the bank and ought to leave room for the auxiliary necessities like an in-line fan, a good ph pen ($60-90), a cheap Ppm/tds meter ($5-$15), and PH Up/Down plus any others I’m not thinking of at the moment.

Thank you! I appreciate all the help

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Get a melon farm 4x4 tent 100$ a solid hlg 260 xl 250$ home depot viagrow coco coir 40-60$ jacks 321 an Epson salt 130$ fabric pots,fans ,apera ph meter, hygrometer 100$, ph down 15-30$ optional but very good 6 inch cloudline exhaust fan+ ducting and carbon filter 180$.oh and a gram kitchen scale for measuring jacks 20$
That’ll get you started with 2 plants if you want 4 you’d need 2 of those lights


Welcome. Glad to see you are starting with photoperiod seeds. Given that, you will need a timer to turn the lights on and off. Also you can look into Ultra Yield tents. Also on amazon but made with heavier fabric and come with extensions even for smaller tents. I highly recommend 7’ tents.

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Hey I have one more question I have a small room where I was going to put the grow tent but I was also thinking about making that room a grow room. It’s a 5x7x7 room so I was looking at panda film to line the walls and to back out the windows in there. Do you think that would be better than buying a tent


A lot of people prefer rooms. Easier to keep air movement. The normal passive air exchange for a room means you won’t need an exhaust fan unless you need to scrub the smell. It’s cheaper to just buy the qb288 boards and heatsinks from HLG and the drivers from somewhere else. Wires and connectors from Amazon. Than it is to buy their kits. I built my 260 for about $80 less than the kit. But yeah. With a room you’ll just need fans for air movement, have a lot more fan options for a room too. Like standard oscillating fans that would take up too much room in a tent. With HLG aim for about 30w per square ft of space you want to flower. With blurples 50w/sqft. HLG is house favorite obviously.


First you have to germinate the seeds and keep them growing through the most vulnerable stage. Germinating is the hardest part for me lately…ever since seeds became $10+ each…I literally cannot afford bad seeds, old seeds or messing up the germination. Don’t get discouraged, good and bad shit happens growing weed, you make mistakes, I know I did…like keeping a male plant (or hermaphrodite) around or pests…this year thrips killed all three of my budding plants…ruined everything. By the time I figured out WTF they were, it was too late. Best of luck in your grow. I use Promix Mycorrhizae soil mix with bat guano mixed in, some muriate of potash rocks, worm castings, kelp if you can get it. Get your watering right…that’s where folks mess up the most…too much water or too little water. Too little water is much easier to fix and less detrimental than too much water. Once your plants are in their final containers, keep a same size container with just soil mix in it and no plant so you can judge the weight of the container when it’s dry…you know, ball park how dry it is…sometimes she’ll look a bit droopy, means she’s thirsty…droopy leaves can also suggest too much water too…but you’ll see by practicing. I here some guys that I believe go way overboard with the parameters…they get the humidity level perfect, the temperature perfect, the pH perfect, the floor perfectly level, this & that…IT’S A DAMN WEED. Good luck.

If you do grow in the room, you’ll get mold on the walls…but I’d prefer a room over a tent…but then again, I’d prefer in the ground over a room but Mother Nature and thieving homo sapiens make that difficult at best. If you grow in the room, you’ll have more space of course. I suppose there are Pros & Cons with each choice…so add up all the Pros & Cons and go from there…but hurray up, grow some dope.

That could work. I went the tent route because it was cheaper to buy a tent than line the whole room with panda film. :joy:

Flat white paint for the walls and some good scissors with plenty of alcohol to clean them for the glue on them buds.

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