What do I have here and how do I get rid of them

I have seen quite a few threads about insects making a mess of some outdoor grows so I thought I would take a closer look. I had been checking them and had not noticed anything until today. These are on a NL photo.

Some type of borer. I also opened up a bud on a Jack Herer auto and did find a little green caterpillar / worm. It had the same brown stuff on it and is what drew my attention to it.
Uncertain if it is one or different critters causing the damage. I was going to spray with spinosad but not sure if that would take care of the borers. Same with insecticidal soaps. Recommendations.
Also, should I cut out all stems with bore holes?

Gonna have to remove the stem with the insect in it below the injury and the pest.

You have to get on a preventative program to keep pests away from your plant: they destroy flower and introduce disease and mold into your plant. Every bud with a caterpillar in it is toast.

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Yeah looks like poop, caterpillar poop.

@Hellraiser @Myfriendis410 Cut and eradicate. It will make a mess of the NL and hopefully the autos aren’t to bad. They about two weeks into pushing buds

Cute little JHA barely a foot tall


Finally able to get back to try to get rid of the critters boring into the stems. I opened a stem and this is what I found

They sure cause a lot of damage. I looked for the trails on the stems where they enter. Also, if a bud is wilted or browning, I knew it was damaged directly or from them entering below.
I tried to find the lowest entry point and then cut everything off below that point to the next node down.
NL before removing damaged stems (very hot and she needs a drink)
After stem removal

Some of what I removed

Did the same to the three autos.
Jack Herer before

I had to remove a lot of flowering stems

You can see the buds

This is my first real attempt to grow outside. Lesson - besides expect insect damage, is preventative spraying. Even though I checked them regularly, I did not know they were there until it was to late.
Good luck to all with outside gardens. @Carol4486 I hope you are not having any issues. But then again, you have probably been here and take preventative measures.

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Actually I’ve finished outside but this is first time full grow is outside. What prevention is acceptable I have some Captain Jacks dead bug spray

That is what I sprayed today. I’m not sure how it works as a preventative. I think you spray “just in case they are there”

I will be spraying with dead bug in a week or two myself for prevention. Dang shame you had to cut some good branches.

Chalk to up to learning. It is sad though. They were just starting to come on.

So should I spray as preventative?

I think I would. This is my first try outside so no experience. But given the damage and the amount of loss, I would certainly look into it. I generally don’t have insect issues with garden plants. Some black flying florescent thing eats the daylights out of the climbing bean leaves but that is about it. So it wasn’t a huge concern until it was to late.

I just finished making some Garlic/Neem concentrate. Spraying tonight when it cools off

How far along are you? I have some autos in flower and some not. Can I use this on them as preventative?

That is what I used today. For plants not flowering, neem oil may be used. If flowering, Jacks is recommended. I am using preventative as, if they are there even though I don’t see them I want to get rid of them. It has some residual power but must be repeated. In that sense it is also preventative.

Not in flower - right.

Man i hate to see this. Fking bugs man… public enemy number one… those pillars can WRECK SHOP FAST…

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Shite man, that sucks, and they’re fast…hope you get them all…:sunglasses::v:

The autos I am not sure as it’s in flowering but ask @Myfriendis410 if that’s kosher. The photos hit them now every 5-7 days all the way through flower. Make sure you do a bud wash though. I’m 3 weeks in with some photos started late June doing them outdoors. I’ll start the preventative in the next 2 weeks.

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When I sprayed mine for preventative I saw a small green caterpillar fall off my plant so I’m soooooooo thankful to @beardless for raising my awareness I wasn’t even thinking bugs. I treated my tomatoes too for dreaded hornworms


Awesome!! Make sure to keep doing it weekly. Caterpillars are killer. We don’t have a lot of them in my neck of the woods for me it’s more leaf eaters and little bugs. Hopefully you got to them early enough. Die :bug:

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