What do I feed in flower?

Getting ready to switch a couple plant to 12/12 was wandering what I should feed them and when to start? Growing in 5 gal buckets with MG potting mix.

Well feeding is your choice foxfarm nutrients are good the open sesame, beastie bloomz, and cha ching work awesome together, also terpinator, rhino skin, and also got bud are good flower foods as well, however but bud is more of a booster, when to start depends on how long the plants have been in that soil. If it’s a brand new bag wait atleast 4-8 weeks before you feed for the last time, and lightly feed


Ok, thanks again. If I go fox farm route, do I need all 3 or just any? And when I do start should I do 1/2 or 1/4 what is recommended? Sorry for all the questions majik :worried::worried:

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I’m using FF Soil Trio and I started at 1/4 dose for about 1.5 weeks (2 nutrient waterings) then went to 1/2 strength, which is where I’ll stay if they continue to look healthy. I tend to play it safe though.

First nutes were given 4.5 weeks into veg.

How do u water :sweat_drops:?How do u know when to :sweat_drops:?

Currently, I’m at 60oz every 3 days. I use a moisture meter and wait for it to show dry. I also put my finger down in about an inch and feel. If it’s moist I wait and check the next day.

I use a 20oz bottle to water and make 3 rounds per plant. I think it helps to not water too fast.

I use this meter but you can get non-digital ones for a bit less money.



Still have 4-6 weeks before I start feeding, just wantin to get the “good” stuff ordered in time.


Absolutely better to have what you need in advance. Smart. Too many people try to play catch-up, which is much harder than planning ahead.


Ya but playing catch up makes it interesting. :smiling_imp:


LOL. I’m not a gambling man. But yeah, it does make it interesting.


I seem to only have to water about once a week, and about half a gallon per plant. have a meter as well…cheapo from lowes. Has ph/water/light not sure I trust it tho. How big of pots do u use and what kind? I have 5gal buckets with drainage holes in bottom and up sides about 2.5 inches. Going to use better soil next go around. Seeing good stuff about ffof

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Wanna get it lined out then let it get interesting :laughing: :joy: :laughing::+1::v:️️

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I’m 2 days into flower so I’m a bit ahead. I have 6 plants in 5-gal fabric pots.

You can look over my grow log and see how I progressed if you want. I’d start at the bottom and work up if you view it.

Ya I get bored quickly so I like it interesting. Can’t wait till I’m able to go back to work. Till then it can be interesting.

My interesting plant.


Got a pic in reg light?

Fabric dries out quicker than plastic correct? Is it normal to only have to water one time a week? I water until it starts dripping out the bottom. Have my grow so far on “7 weeks from seed” thread. Not growing very fast but look and smell good


It allows air into the soil and yes, helps it drain. Some people water once a week, others every day, and some every few days. Really how you want to do it and what works for you.


Here it is.

The other 2 with the big one

These gals are almost done. 2-4 weeks left to go.
The one that’s been vegging for 91 days now.


Looks good brother what happened to middle of tall one?

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That last one there is going to be a monster once it goes to flower an I’m gonna be happy. Oh ya an their purple kush. All of them.

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