What do i do now?a big mess


4th week of 12/12. The little spidery pistils are beginning to form. No smell…do i trim the big leaves to allow for more light ??I really want to figure this out…


You can take a few leaves off but it’s highly recommended that tuck as many as you can, they hold stored energy your plant needs to finish.


Thank you. How do i tuck a leaf?


You just tuck them under the buds. At end of harvest they get their nutes from fan leaves. Without them theyd starve. You can take a few but if you take too many plant may stress & herme. Two weeks before harvest go straight phd h20 & 2 tsp sugar per gallon for taste. They will start smelling when theyve become buds. Theyre not quite there yet.



Say…where did you ever learn all that…LMAO !
That was very good info. thumb



If you still have them in veg. You could take from the bottom of your plants. Not a hole lot but some yes. But leave the big fan leafs along as @Laurap had stated



See i do learn & listen! :wink: