What do do I need to get started to grow indoor?

Is it possible to grow a good strain from Reggie seeds? Perhaps maybe I might have some dro seed in it too. I have tried to grow a few times and I did success until about 3 month, the plants had died and dried out. I water them often about every 3 days outdoor and it been getting plenty of sunshine. Been considering about growing indoor. What can I do to succeed my first indoor plants? Do I require to have a grow tent to succeed?

The strain that I ordered from ILGM was an Auto flower Bubble Gum Kush from 3 years ago.

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Welcome! Many factors would need to be considered. How many plants? What will the temperature and humidity range be like in the area the tent will be? Is discretion an issue?

You want approximately 2’x2’ per plant to avoid overcrowding. Small fans to move the air around. A good light setup; HLG is pretty much top of the line and has DIY kits that don’t break the bank. Exhaust fan and filter. Humidifier/dehumidifier.

Spider Farmer makes some good tent kits that have everything but the seeds and soil. There’s others as well. Mine is pieced together with various brands.

Hope this helps some. Others should be asking with better info. Good luck and happy growing!!!

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If you grow auto flowers then you don’t need a tent or a light if you can carry the plant outside fir light every day and back inside at night. But with “bag seed” you probably going need a tent or dedicated closet, bathroom or some space it can stay dark fir the flowering period…

Of course it’s a given you need some nutrients, growing medium, ph meter, tds/ec meter as well.

The better your setup inside the better your success will be. But with auto flowers, I feel it’s so easy to get away with minimal out if pocket up front if you can carry them outside daily…

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You can grow in a closet as long as you have airflow inline fan exhaust system and a light you can grow


Autos really don’t require a tent as they will grow without one in a closet or corner but it is best to have the dark period without interruptions photos on the other hand will require a total black out for 12 hours after flower flip without interruptions. Looking to start inside will require a small amount of cash for a setup to get good buds. How many plants do u want to do at once and how much room do u have to work with. Remember now the bigger the area the more money it will cost to get it properly lit up for good buds to grow. Also having a vented area and lots of airflow from fans ect will be a necessity pH and ppm meters are also almost a must. pH pen I would. It go anything cheaper than apera ph20. Ppm meter u can get the cheapo 10 dollar vivosun one or stick with apera of u have the Xtra funds to get that. Main costs on indoor grow is gonna be lights genetics and nutrients everything else can kinda be winged right into the mix with cheaper stuff. Good luck are u wanting to do coco or soil. Coco is better but requires alot more watering than soil but way better end product and smells way cleaner in the grow room

My goal is to grow at least maybe a medium sizes. About 4 to 8 Oz per plants. I just learned from someone today about it. Now I know what I needed to get growing some good buds :ok_hand:t2:

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Just make sure if u r wanting to keep growing don’t skimp on a light that is the main ingredient in growing. Any light u buy will grow a plant but in the end is the depressing part u wanna shoot for a awesome light and good genetics everything else can be winged in nutes u don’t wanna get garbage but there r several good ones out there jacks 321 being the most affordable kind to get just remember lights. U can spend 10 grand on a light and 300 on all else and have a wonderful grow or u can spend 10 grand on everything with a cheap light and be depressed at the end cuz I’ll see how much money was wasted on the light. I’ve learned a real hard way with lights lol.

for 1st time I suggest keep it simple, 1. Good Light 2. Timer 3. container that breathes well, 4. good soil 5. fan 6. Auro-flowering seeds 7. place to grow - a tent is not really needed and will save $ until you want to step up the growing effort.I have mine in an unused room with lights set for 16/8 8. read the info. on this site. .

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