What did I do wrong with this plant

One of my sour diesels has quite a bit different looking flowers than the others. It has smaller more compact buds.

The others look bigger and longer than this one plant.

If this is something I can correct next time please chime in
Soil: my own super soil mix tweaked from Jorge’s
Nutrients: GH Flora series (followed their instructions with minor tweaks from one of the ILGM grow masters.)
Grow: indoors 73 - 79 temps (night/day)
pH: 6.2 veg/5.9 - 6.0 flower
Light: 850 watts CFL until week 5 flowering. 650 watts dual true 300 watt LEDs. 2 x 125 watt red spectrum CFL bulbs since week 5 of 12/12 switch.
Air: moving a lot of air with filter and 4 circulating fans.
Area: 5ft. X 5ft.


The reason is not what you did but in the genetics of the plant.



Good. Thank you. I guess that means I shouldn’t use that plants clone as a mother plant. It’s the best looking of the 2 plants I got to clone of the diesel.

I know the first one looks like it needs nutrients. I had it in the seed starter way too long. That plant is the one I was hoping to use for future grows

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Like Will said it’s likely just a different phenotype. The only other thing I would think of is that maybe there was a little more stretch in that plant. Possibly due to its location in respect to lighting.

If it was a different pheno, you are correct that you would probably want to use a different plant as mother.