What did I do wrong to this plant?

So I’m new to this and this is my very first grow. This is a photo plant and the strain is Jillybean. Indoor grow that started in a 2X2X4.5 tent and recently moved into a 3X3X72 tent and upgraded from a MarsHydro TS600 to the Mars Hydro TS1000. My question is, I think I have topped and pruned wrong because I thought you were supposed to have an even canopy but mine is tall on the outer branches and shorter in the center. Do I need to cut off all those buds forming in the center since they are lower than the others? Also in the other photo of the limb…is that normal to have those flowers all up the limb like that or did I screw that up too?


The buds all the way up the stem is good, they will grow together to form one big cola.
I’ve never seen the main colas topped so much the secondary branches outgrew them, I say let it ride, see what happens.

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I only topped ONE…that was it…as in I only cut off the top of the main stem once and never again

Looks good!

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Wow, I do have limited grow experience, but to me that looks like more than once. That is seriously crazy. But whatever, roll with it, it looks like it’s set to produce. Good luck!

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So I shouldn’t be worried about anything from what you can see? Should I cut off all the buds in the center so that it puts that energy to the outside taller colas?

I wouldn’t, but that’s just my opinion. I’m a noob on my first run as well.

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Personal call, I would leave them.


How many times did I top this? zero, not once!
Some plants are just super bushy! Those are the types you want for scrog grows because if you do top them they are hella thick afro dope!


Those will fill in nicely! Leave them to finish up

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Thanks for the advice everyone! I REALLY appreciate it. This Jillybean was my “trial run” as I got these seeds out of some Jillybean flower I got from a dispensary in Colorado. I ordered GSC Extreme Autoflowers from here and just dropped 2 seeds in a shot glass of Distilled Water to start the process again. I REALLY don’t want to mess these seeds up. LOL

Out of curiosity…can I take clones from this plant or is it too late because it’s already flowering?

Yes you can clone a flowering plant, it is more difficult to get them to take. The issue is not only do you need to root them but you also need to re veg them. If you have never cloned before I would consider this a major gamble and very likely to fail. If you follow the steps to cloning, dont use strong light, keep the light at 18/6 or 16/8 even better, you could successfully take some monster crop cuttings.
There is an exception though, if the mother is an auto, you may as well give up before you start.

These days I only trim the stuff that is small and isolated from the lower half or so of individual stems. It keeps me from having to trim little things at harvest time which really don’t add up to anything. That way the plant can concentrate on stacking up thick buds.
I do top the plants during vegetative growth to encourage multiple main cola growth.

Hello experienced growers. I need help again as I am very confused. This plant once again is a photoperiod strain called Jillybean. The seed sprouted on June 21st I only kept the light cycle on 18-6 for like 5 weeks then flipped to 12 - 12. I was just checking my trichomes with a 60X loupe and I already have milky AND amber trichomes. From everything I’ve read and watched this seems WAY too early so now I’m freaking out. What should I do? Here is a few pics I just snapped…


Now I have had 2 CO2 generators running 24/7 in this tent for the entire grow…seedling till current. Can that speed up the process?

Actually now that I think about it…I can’t even say for sure if this is photoperiod or autoflower. The seeds came out of an oz of Jillybean I bought in a dispensary in Colorado so I just assumed they were photo period but could be autoflower I guess which might make more sense.

Your okay from what I can see she has a while to go, all those white pistols shows she’s growing still. Hope you look at buds mid plant not top, top will color quicker, and be sure your looking at the calyx or bud not sugar leaf. She is building really nicely though good job man :smile:

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Yeah I was looking at a few buds at the top. So even though there are already amber trichomes I need to let it keep going?

Should I even start the flushing process at this point yet with nothing but Ph water?