What did I do wrong here?

Question from a fellow grower:

i have harvested the first n.lights. 7 out of 10 germinated. I didn’t
use any nutrients because of my budget (Broke) . but im a first time
inside grower. Ive always grew outside. But the first northern lights
didnt turn out good. I only got 10 grams off 1 plant. And it smelled
like leaves and taste the same. It didnt even give me a buzz. And the
buds where very small. I also orderd. S.S.haze. witch is still
vegetation stage. Im using potting soil. I mean they growing just fine
but i cant figure out how to get my buds big and good. I really do love
growing. Because i usually grow good smoke. All i have used is water and
led natural daylight bulbs and fans… Do you think of what i can do

. I have the lights 25 inches. All i did is gave them water. I cant
control the temp. But its stays between 70& 80. I also dont have
anything to check my ph. And have added nothing. I figured i could
atleast get a good buzz but i got nothing at all. What else could i do
to get the bud to be good. All we have is a lowes around here or
Wal-Mart. What can i do to get by

Well know when you add nothing you get nothing. You are wanting something from your plants but you don’t give them anything to give back
Nutrients and a good P H teser are very important to your grow without them you won’t get much of anything.
If you can aford high price seeds you can afford nutrients.



Couple of things you might ask yourself or have overlooked.

"Flower time"
Was my crop ready to chop?
From the pictures, I can tell it’s not ready to chop yet, and you’re only half way threw flower. If you harvested soon after your pictures were taken, this could be the reasons of small yield size and potency.

I can see quite a few leaves that were defoliated. “Generally”, defoliate is not recommended, and could also explain total yield size.

Did I cure my harvest?
I highly recommend reading up on “curing”, as this would explain the leaf taste you mentioned. If you do not dry and cure your harvest properly, you’ll end up with harsh smoke and it will taste and smell like wet hay.


Over all, I’d say your plant looks health.

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try to get a meter. .
inexpesive food and comen is tomatoe plant food …is will get you by till you can do better it is very near the Basic Formula as MJ , .and one more thing don’t let that girl Cause to little air flow under her …"to help prevent mold or rot … and if you feed her like Garrigan62 sez she will be a very full girl :slight_smile: Hammer

Thanks guys you let me know everything i needed to know. I hit them with the nutrients and buds getting fat. Cant wait to try this girl out .

Lmao… see, just like a typical female!
If you don’t give something you don’t get anything!
No offense to the ladies on here, just making a joke.