What determines when an Autoflower flowers

I got a question can somebody answer this I have this plant that is behind the curve I believe it got stunted because this came out of a solo cup after about a week and when into a one gallon fabric pot and then it wasn’t doing anything until I went back to hydro this was put in the fabric pot August 31st and this is the size it is now! The question is with an Autoflower what determines when it starts flowering the age or the height the amount of veg that it has done(

pload://arU9zG3DdGkr1aKdkxFL99irjq5.jpg) as you can see I went from CFL to LED

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The age, autoflowers flower when the plant is sexually mature and able to reproduce meaning when,she is sexually mature she will start to flower and you will see bud spots starting to take over the plant

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so it doesn’t matter how tall she is… if she’s 6 inches going to flower?

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I do. No seriously.

No it doesn’t matter when shes ready shes ready

My auto flower Fruit Punch was about 8 inches tall when she formed her first preflower. She had sat,not growing for close to three weeks. Now, she’s right at 22inches tall! That’s about fourteen inches of growth in flower. Autos do what they want to, when they want too.

I hear that bro, I just noticed today that mine one of them has started alternating nodes you now what that means and their only like 8 in but the growth has really taking off