What deficiency/problem have I got here

OG Kush autoflower
Day 62, getting close to harvest in next couple weeks.
fox farm trio at low concentration
Temp 72 degrees F
600w LED full spectrum
I PH all watering/feeding between ~6.3-6.8

Probably too late to correct anything at this point but for future reference, whats happening here? Buds are huge, sticky, and look amazing but leaves have become spotted orange and brown. been slowing turning like this past couple of weeks. has been beautiful and green until recently. Probably will only use PH’d water from here until harvest. No environmental factors have changed and the plant has never shown sigs of distress until last couple weeks. been slowly coming on.

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From my own experience witch admittedly is very little, looks like cal-mag deficiency. Also it’s best to post pictures in natural light or just flash from Camara.

I didn’t use any cal-mag this grow. I was under the impression it was not needed in a soil grow is it worth giving Cal-mag in these last 10-15 days or just flush with water until harvest and use cal-mag next time?

You’re that close to harvest? I would use a little maybe so it doesn’t get even worse. If not then just use it next time. A lot can go wrong in 15 days.

On day 62…Hairs starting to turn brown/red. Og kush says it goes 65-80 days. Tri’s are still clear but starting to get a touch milky. figure I have another 10-15 days left? If i feed some cal mag this last stretch will it affect the final product at all? A lot can definitely go wrong in the next 10-15 days, however it has been a very healthy plant and the buds are big, dense, and plentiful. So, besides the spots in the picture (cal-deficiency?) I think she is doing good and on track.

Looks like phosphorus or potassium.


too late to correct on this grow? How can I keep this from happening next time? What do I need to add on top of FF trio to fix this in a new grow?

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Look into bloom boosters by Fox Farms. I use I think the ChaChing. It’s 0-40-50 it’s great for the end of flowering, but there’s another you can use that has nitrogen in it.


I don’t see anything to worry about.
I want my plants to look like they are dying in the last 2-3 weeks before harvest. It’s what they are supposed to do at least the way I grow with all natural nutrients!
It worried me at first too but after about 30 plants I get worried if they don’t look brown…spotted and well dying…

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The current thinking in home growing is to deny the plant nitrogen in supplemental feeding. The plant is also going through massive changes and is essentially getting ready to flower and die. As a result; you see the number of deficiencies showing in your flowering plant.

I (and others) believe in supporting the plant fully through the life cycle so I introduce N during flower. As a result, my plants are green and healthy right up to harvest.

Here’s my last plant on harvest day: Promix and GH nutes


@Myfriendis410 That’s a magnificent looking girl!!!:+1::+1:


What that is, is nitrogen Deficiency caused by the plant using up all it’s nutrients, mostly nitrogen it had stored in it’s leaves.
Enjoy your harvest.


@garrigan62 so this is completely normal and doing what its supposed to be doing? I can just use water until harvest correct?

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Yes it is and you can just water till you cut her down.

The plant looks almost done anyway, so why worry about it. Think about an outdoor plant growing in soil, it starts to fade at the bottom and leaves die off. Eventually all the fan leaves die and then the buds begin to rot. If totally left on their own the plants would wither away to pile of rotten material with some dead sticks where a plant once stood.