What deficiency is this? Red Leaf

week 4 of flower
PH 6.3
Feeding on General Hydroponics General Organics Go Box

i dont know what to do and its the first time i see this… can someone help me??

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What are you growing in? Looks like it could be a few things but I’ll wait for your reply :v::bear:


I grow in promix and 10 gal pots

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I grow in Promix too. There’s a video @dbrn32 has a link to about where you should ph Promix at. Maybe he can post it for you :wink::v:

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ok thank you man ! :love_you_gesture:

There’s a whole series of videos from them, worth checking out when you have time.


I don’t think you have an issue. During flower the leaves will take on some color as the plant matures. Some plants more than others. I have a plant now that the leaves are turning black.

yeah but i think its too early for that ? only 4 week into flower… idk :roll_eyes:

Probably need to boost phosphorus.


My plants hate the recommended pH. Absolutely hate it. They like 6.3-6.5, though. Even Promix acknowledges the stated pH range works for most plants, not all plants.

This grow, I decided to add 20% organic soil to the promix to help it deal with organic nutrients easier.


Anything is possible, from plant to plant and space to space there will always be variables. There are just as many and possibly more grows within their recommended levels that look great.

This past summer, I was begging people for pH info on promix. Oh, I watched the promix videos & read the product info, but I also read hundreds of posts, across several forums, where people had issues using Promix’s recommended pH. Then, when they used Earth Juice with promix? Disaster.

Anyway, re: Promix pH, there were dozens of different answers. Re: promix & Earth Juice? Not a single person I asked had any clue. I came up with my own answer through trial & error.

It takes a village, doesn’t it?

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Now this morning no more red leaf… they are yellow with burn tip… and i found that my PH stick was not calibrate like it should be. my water was at 7.3 instead of 6.3 so i think i found my problem ?


Your plant is consuming nutes that are probably not being replaced by whatever you are using. If these came from the lower tier of leaves then I would strongly suggest Nitrogen is the issue and most flowering nutes are skimpy on the N. If the whole plant is yellowing then some grow nutes added to your flowering nutes will bring it back in line but if it’s just a few leave you are fine.

ok thank you man :vulcan_salute:

Am I having the same problem ?