What deficiency do you think this is?

These are my buddies out door plants. He doesn’t give it any nutrients and doesn’t ph his water. I don’t know his ph levels. He is just using regular potting soil nothing special. We’re we live it’s 90plus degrees during the day and 80’s at night and very high humidity 90%. image

My guess would be cal mag nitrogen and phosphorus possibly full nute lockout due to salt buildup


What do you mean by salt build up?

It’s def hungry and prolly needs PH reset, now I’m kinda surprised is he using miracle grow soil? With the 6 months worth of ferts in it? Because if hasn’t ever fed it and he was in the soil I use his plant wouldn’t of made it to flower most only have enough nutes to last 3-6 weeks depending on phenos. I’m amazed it isn’t worse off

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Oh crap I skimmed past that yea flush them and give them a heavy dose of liquid fertilizer something like 486 ratio or something similar

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He lives in a very agricultural place and his water is from a spring and has lots of nutrients in it. At least that’s what he told me.

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Are there a lot of holes drilled into the bottom of the bucket?


Probably does becuase if it didn’t that plant would be dried up in the pot haha but she’s def hungry looks like she needs calcium really bad and a little N wouldn’t hurt her haha also his water might have plenty of that in it but if PH isn’t in range then she won’t beable to uptake. but only giving water she looks surprisingly well

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Micro nutrients not the big 3 the plant needs. nitrogen, phosphorus and k potassium.


That’s crazy lol, I’m really surprised how well there doing considering the conditions.

Ahhhh interesting… so what should he add ? Cal mag and what else ??

He should add also NPK - Ratios 4-6-8 or similar