What deficiency? 2x 600w double ended hps

Can it be really caltsium? Can too much light cause this?

Plant location are middle. Two lamps overlapping that plant.
Or “Durban Poison” is a heavy user of some nutrients, some one who know and grow that strain please advice me. Its Durban Poison, biobizz all mix soil, 2x600w double ended hps.

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I’m still new to all this and I do hydro, but I’m thinking its from spraying your plants when lights are on…water droplets on leaves turn into little magnifying glasses and burn leaves like the pictures you posted above…just my guess tho.
If you do need to spray, maybe try closer to lights out time so it gets absorbed in the dark and no burning can happen…guessing again…lol
A more advanced grower should have an answer shortly I’m sure.
Looks good tho…good work.


That’s what it looks like

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I agree… Never really want to wet your leaves. Yes it happens outside in the rain blah blah but we are not outside in the rain.


Yeah i sprayed light on hours too, but now i feed them and after 3 days we see.
Outdoor rains are over and 2nd day sun shine and outies are better too. Curling is still there on leaves and buds are different grow of style. Greenhouse beauties are well.

lowest. temp

Yea, yeah. Thats right, thats help me.
Plants just starving. Potassim and phosphorus def.mostly and other micronutes def too. Now i get them good feed and we see :grin:

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Cool man glad it helped. Just know the damaged leaves won’t heal just keep an eye on your new growth.

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Heh, im no beginner, damn username. About 3years active grow. Just freak out, bc i dont have all defic. together, that mean they been never starve before. Ive done over fertilizing many times btw😁
I grow 3 times bigger pots too, thats new to me. New measurements. And some data lost, maybe they been after repotting longer that soil.
Summer time and so many tasks to do. Free energy.

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Cool man sorry was just passing on some info lol.

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Nothing bad to said. Just passin info too😁