What coused my plants to hermie?

Question from a fellow grower:

Hi, I bought 6 good
quality Power plant fem seeds, grew and defoiliated the plants in the
veg stage and slightly in the flower stage . Only about 5-6 fan leaves
at a time. Just before flowering I took cuttings. The original plants
all went hermie, containing about 20 seeds per plant and the cuttings
which now are 9 weeks into veging are now showing signs of male flower.
Did I cause this by defoilating.
The original seeds cane from Sensi seeds and were bought as Feminised Pure power Plant.
Strain, Pure Power Plant
Soil, perlite 60-40mix
Strength Canna products, 12ppm on grow 18ppm on flower, week 5 only Flower bomb at 3ml per litre
Light, 1 x 400hps 2 x 300 cfl
Temps, day 70-75, night 57 -62
Humidity, day 44% night 38%
Ventilation, 5in outlet via filter inlet 2 x2in plus ocilating fan
co2: no

Why would you do that ? Leaves are what bing energy from your lights into the plant. As a rule you never cut your leaves.
And yes that’s what caused your plans to turn Hermie !!


I agree with @garrigan62 overzealous pruning ( defoliating ) can shock a plant and a shock in many strains can cause hermies.
I have seen ppl take nearly all the leaves off to smoke and hide behind the word “pruning” and getting way less end product at the end. lol
We nick named him Agent Orange hehehe


I’ve put my plants through so much shock and they never turned into hermaphrodites. I’m begining to think these Herm’s are always from “feminized” seeds.