What could this be


Is this normal on older leaves. Plant looks healthy except these I took off


Does the white looking stuff rub off? Is it on both sides? It might be powdery mildew. That will rub off. Other than that I’m not sure.


The white was residue from a light dust of baking soda and lemon esstential oil. It just helps reduce pest attacks. The yellowing was older inner leaves and as of this am nothing else that worried me. Plant looks good to me. Just checking on what others thought. Thanks


I spent sometime looking through my guide on sick plants to help you out. But now you post that you knew
that there wasn’t a dam thing wrong.
Not cool !!:triumph:



Dude I was worried about the yellowing spots, and pardon my naviety as I’m learning as I go! This is a support spot right? I may ask questions because I made some mistakes on my first attempt and just need reassurance that I’m tending to signs before I screw it up again


Ok, then my apologies. And yes it is a support group. I miss understood that’s all.
Your problem looks to be the start of a nutrient deficiency possible nitrogen. They have a support ticket that maybe you should fill out…it’s under. Beginners FANs you will see it at the top.
Also you can download book for free. It’s up in the top right hand corner.

Once again Jcgrace (my apologies)

B Safe


WillB thanks ands it’s cool that your helping me find my way around. I have been using fish meal and seaweed solution from Neptunes Harvest only once a week because I think Previous grow I overdosed my plant and fried it, along with heavy rains, also inpatient thinking. This so exciting to grow my own garden but have so much to learn


Well Jcgrace,
This is the place place to be.
Ya Roberts book is absolutely free just download that baby and you’ll
be all set.
If you did what you said then ya that’s a nutrient burn.
Just water for a couple of days then ONlY 1/2 of what you gave time. You"be fine

B Safe