What could or is this deficiency be?

Hello ILGM ,

Below i posted a picture of a troubled plant. A few weeks ago i wrote here asking about this particular plant. During the veg cycle this plant i noticed alot of pistils popping out. However the plant was still under 18/6 light cycle. I felt like she was an auto. She has been removed from the crop of photoperiods and now sits in my living room and has been there for 3 weeks now. Now the plant has tiny looking bud but they have a black coloration or like someone took a lighter and burned the pistils. Even the inner part of the leaf has that black color. This black not sure to call it mold? but it has been getting worse. I am not worrying about this plant. But i do want to know what this problem could be and if possible to nurse her back.

i have already tried flushing many times with the correct pH water. Used some Cal-Mag to hopefully fix the issue. Nothing worked. I am just trying to Aid and learn from this mistake.
The strain is GDP. However the seed bank it came from was a different company that has a questionable reputation . I grew 2 GDP from this questionable company (not ILGM) and the first 2 were terrible but did not have this type of look. They flowered on there own and they were kept under the LED’s however the strain… i think sucks because the plants also were scrawny, and had thin airy bud.
Big Mahalo for all the advice and information IGLM forums community shares. Have a stoney day! :sunglasses:


@shaggy808 to me the plant looks like it has some sort of disease rather than a deficiency. I have not seen this issue before.

@imSICKkid @MattyBear @Covertgrower any ideas?


That is definitely interesting. I do not think its mold, but something funky is going on. Sounds like you got ripped off and got some autoflower plants.


I agree, it looks like a possible disease. It is probably scrawny and not producing due to being in your living room now, but it looks like a virus was present before you removed it from your grow space. Do you smoke inside the house or the same room it is in?


I can’t add much to this other than agree with the others. Looks like a disease of some sort. Any more areas like that one on the plant?


@AfgVet Thanks so much for your support and sharing the topic.
@MattyBear Thanks for the reply and the help. To answer you yes i do smoke my weed in my house.

@imSICKkid thanks for the reply !

So… To elaborate more about this particular strain and the origins it came from.
Before i found IGLM i saw another online seed bank that had seeds for sale. I was anxious to get a crop going, i did not read there reviews till my order had shipping issues. This was when i decided to read on them and this is when i got concerned about if they were even legit.
The reviews i read, and the amount of terrible reviews was alarming right then. So many complaints across the board, many complaints about the products “seeds” to customer service ect;
I finally got the seeds. I ordered 5 feminized photoperiod strains with 5 seeds a pack.

3 strains GSC, Skywalker OG, Super Lemon Haze “15 seeds” did not germ, i was shocked. This plant with the disease is there GDP and this plant did germinate.
The first plant before this one was along side with my photos and i noticed this plant having many pistils popping out. I left her there with the other ladies. The GDP was growing very big but very scrawny. Moving forward to putting them all to flower under 12/12 cycle during this time i had other photos from another seed bank ( not IGLM seeds) that were doing just fine however the GDP was looking weird. The flower was airy, thin, very little tri-combs when i harvested .
I dried her and tried to smoke her. It was junk. Threw it away. it was that shitty.

Now this picture is the exact strain doing the same thing and i did not mention that the previous GDP harvest i tried to smoke had seeds many seeds!
I believe it gave my other plants a few seeds also. Fortunately my other ladies did not have many seeds but i think the GDP became hermie. And it passed some seeds to the other ladies. Other ladies smoked great by the way.
So with the plant in the picture you guys seen above, I did not want to jeopardize my ladies now which are from IGLM. These IGLM ladies are doing great with the exception of one.

AfgVet has helped me nurse it back from the deficiency and it looks much better now thank you.
This plant with the disease i took her out and left in the living room because of the earlier harvest.
I did not care about this strain/plant since she is doing the same grow pattern like the previous. But i left her out to see if she could continue to grow with just the light coming into the house.
That being said i do smoke inside i never could imagine weed smoke could do this. I am scratching my head LOL.
No matter now, gonna toss her out. i don’t think it’s worth salvaging by now.
Sorry for the novel i you had to read just now. Big thanks to you all for the time you take to reply to my topic. Have a stoney one!!


Oh this black stuff did not happen to the previous GDP. Ever since i put this plant into the living room she was exposed to more elements and variables like me smoking inside where the plants sits.


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