What could have happened?

Hi All, I came home this evening to see all my starts like this. They’re about 4-5 weeks along. I’m watering once a day alternating between feeding roots organics and fresh water every other day. Today was a fresh water day and our water is testing between 7-7.5 pH. They were topped a few days ago but have shown no indication of stress.

No signs of pest damage or nutrient burn. They all looked fine this morning. Any thoughts on what could be causing this?


Over watered. Wait till the pots dry out before you water again and youll want to adjust your ph to around 6.5


Thanks, hopefully they’re looking better tomorrow

up-pot to larger container, will help dry out siol.
3-5 gal would work.

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Ph to 6.5ish and let them dry out. Overwatered for sure


Too often and feed every time to run off. Follow a drench to drought routine Growmie :love_you_gesture:


200w (3)


What are the outdoor temps right now?

Thanks everyone, they will be going into their 40 gallon cloth pots this weekend. I’ll let them dry out today.

A little cool right now. About 50 overnight and 65 daytime. We had a pretty big temp drop this week

Could be temp related as well. Looking at your pics, your top soil looks dry which would make me question if it is specifically over watering.


So, in these small pots when should I water? I’ve been doing it when it’s dry down to my first knuckle…

Are you in living soil?

Yes, they are in FFOF. I left them to dry out today

I took a few minutes researching and didn’t want to go down the rabbit hole too far since I want to kick back with a couple brewskies tonight.

Looks like Ocean Forest does not have the mycorrhiza but Happy Frog does? Hope other growers that use these soils will chime in.

If you aren’t trying to sustain a living soil with microorganisms then wet and dry cycles are fine.

If you are trying to keep the microorganisms alive the soil should remain moist. Not wet. Not dry.

I’ll tag in @MeEasy and @Storm who are living soil growers and they can tag in others. There are quite a few I can’t remember off the top of my head.


I agree you a dry period

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Ill let mine dry out completely a few times during the grow, but thats to help battle the fungus gnats. Ill reintroduce and feed mycos after that, but usually i can tell bybthe weight of the container if its ready to water…


Moist is correct. Still have earth dust with the goodies in it but also some Dynomyco in case this last batch of E.D. is defective. So far so good. The Candy Cream from you is OUTSTANDING! Very potent. Zero couchlock. Super phsychoactive. Thanks :grin: @JaneQP


@JaneQP do you breed?

Thanks for all the help! They went into their 45 gallon pots last night and look better today. They did appear a little root bound and over-watered.