What could be wrong?

Question from a fellow grower:

I don’t know what exactly the problem is. Another one of my plants
is starting to show the same signs as the plant I’ve shown you. Three
are growing rapidly, the other two seem to be done for, I don’t know how
to save them.
Gold leaf strain. Planted in FoxFarm Soil in 5 gallon buckets. Two 1000watt HPS lights at 50%.
Strength of nutrient mix, 20-5-4. (Grow Booster)
Day temp: about 80°
Night temp: 72°
No ventilation system.
AC, yes.
Don’t have humidifier or dehumidifier, but I have put a large bowl
with a towel that roughly evaporates a gallon of water a day in the
No Co2.
I think it may have been bad seeds, but I’m not an expert, YET.
I have three that are growing just fine, right on track, the
others, not so much. So if you can help me out in anyway, it would be
much appreciated. Thank you.

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What nutrient are you using? 20-5-4 seems extremely high in nitrogen to me…
As for your plant, I can’t even tell what I’m supposed to be looking at in the picture? All you said was she has a problem and isn’t growing like the others? The picture isn’t showing me any problems, and from your support ticket the only thing I can point out is that your nitrogen is REALLY high for your nutrient mix.
Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that’s too much nitrogen for a young plant. Hopefully someone else can chime in and help out!

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No your right about the nitrogen at 20-5-4 is off the scale.
That plant shouldn’t even be being feed for one thing… Stop feeding and water only.
I never flushed a plant that small so I don’t know what the effect would be.
Just give it little extra water every other day and check that pH…very important. OK


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