> What causes the roots to turn brown and quit growing

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

What causes the roots to turn brown and quit growing

Death, of course!

One of three things in most cases:

#1 over watering

#2 Toxified (over fertilized)

#3Lack of oxygen (medium)

P.S. #4: pH, but that’s elementary and should be #1 on your list of things to do…


Funny…that was exactly my first thought.


What size pot? Root bound will turn nice white roots brown.


@Shatter Need info how growing inside outside kind of light for inside is it soil or hydro need info and pics if you have any

Good morning @BigDaddyCain, that’s one sentence I can spend all day answering, as questions go I rate it a 100!

Old school lighting is 2 HPS and 1 MH on a circular light mover, as of late I’m experimenting with LEC and HPS and I like the results but my findings are preliminary.

Hydroponics (with good high quality hydro plant food) should not need organic soil medium, in fact the soil will act as a buffer to nutrient uptake, whereas a soil less medium will allow a more immediate uptake and at a lower PPM.

Outdoors I prefer Farfard premium sterilized top soil with perlite for airation and drainage.

I make my own high quality chemical compound hydroponic plant food and use it indoors and out, sorry, this site’s policy will ban me for mentioning it on the grounds of solicitation.

If you want a shortcut, I suggest you get a Marijuana growers guide for both indoors and out.

Mine span from the early 90s’ with pages missing and all beat up from use and reference, and my latest is only a few months old (Beyond Buds, by Ed Rosenthal).

The only way to learn is to thirst and feed your brain the much needed information to do it right!

I’m not a commercial grower, I just a mom and pop without the mom. I do everything in house from seedlings to making BHO for edibles and oils.

Good luck, but it’s not luck, it’s a matter of knowledge.

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