What causes seeds and what does hermied mean?

I thought when a plant hermied that meant it grew bananas (pollen pods)? :thinking: Do seeds mean a plant had hermied, even if there are no bananas?
I’ve gotten a couple dozen seeds in my Laughing Buddha that was grown from a photo/fem seed. Are these seeds considered regular or are they fem?
Just curious :nerd_face:

If she definitely self-pollinated, they’ll be feminized, but will be more prone to hermie under stressful grow conditions. You know, incest & all that.

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She was a fairly easy one, the only real challenge she gave was wanting to grow through the roof! In her stretch period, I had to tie her down this way and that, some of her branches had 3 or 4 bends!! Then, in late flower, I had to tie lines from the ceiling to hold up her heavy buds.
We’ve been enjoying a bit of freshly dried (not yet cured) and boy is it tasty!! I’ll definitely grow another, and will try the seeds she gave, but there’s an increasing list before we get to that.

Thanks for the info :sunglasses: I didn’t mean to ramble but I think the LB has that effect :wink:

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I only tried it once. I have never been higher than that, in my life, off of just a joint. I’m jealous that you have a whole plant’s worth of it.

When you break up nugs, bet you’ll find a few little hidden nanners (the yellow crescent shaped single fingered things) hiding. The plant’s sole goal is to reproduce, so sometimes they’ll sneak a few nanners into your buds.

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So if there are seeds then there must be pollen? She shared the tent with a Grape Ape clone who is about half way though flower… if she got seeds too, would that be cross breeding? :thinking:

I’ll be keeping an eye out for nanners :eye:

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Somebody had something going on. :grinning:

Were the seeds all found in the same region of the plant? If so, there were probably one or two rogue nanners that popped out, or maybe even just one lone male flower. The nanners aren’t the same as the male flowers.

If the grape ape gets pollinated by the laughing buddha, that would be cross-breeding. Not sure if the seeds produced from that would be 100% feminized.

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The seeds seem mostly in the lower region though there was one at the tip of a cola. I wonder how recognizable the nanners are after they dry?
I just realized… I better inspect the
clone to check for herm. She’s been tucked in the back out of view.

You’ll notice what looks like a teeny yellow single fingered sugar leaf inside the bud.

My first 2 grows, I grew with bag seed. I had bought a bargain bag of weed b/c it had hermied on the guy & was seedier than mexican brick weed.

I knew they’d most likely hermie on me, too, but since I was a complete noob decided they’d be good to practice on (instead of killing expensive genetics).

The ones that straight-up hermied with full male & female flowers were culled. Still, EVERY remaining plant developed those nanners.

You’ll know them as soon as you see them in your buds. Little pollen sticks of doom.


How good was Laughing Buddha when cured?
Read good stuff about it. Have 1 seed too.
How long flowering? 12_14w?
And are real laughter there :exploding_head::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::upside_down_face:

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Laughing Buddha is a great strain; I’m no good at describing tastes but it is ‘yummy’ :sunglasses: and very uplifting.
For me, the laughing started as she grew, her wild growth made me giddy :wink::sweat_smile: She was super TALL and had to have much training (LST and super cropping) I think her tallest branch was bent in 4 places! Then, as her buds began to swell, I had to add supports from the ceiling. So she was tied down first then she was tied up :rofl: I will scrog the next one
The followering is long, 11+ weeks but worth it. We got lots of seeds from her, I think we stressed her a bit in early - mid flower. She also struggled in hydro in the beginning; I’d do it in coco next time.

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