What causes curling leaves

What causes the leaves to curl sideways?

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Happens pretty often on early leaves.


Probably just genetics I have many plants that start off with weird leaves and then straighten up as they grow

this is a gold leaf I have going now


Thank you!

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Best I could find have u checked all this out already if so then genetics lol

  • Does your plant look healthy? If your plant looks healthy, but a few leaves are curling sideways, I would start by flushing your plant. After flushing, resume with less nutrient feed.
  • Check your PH. If your PH is off the mark, this definitely can be the reason why your plants leaves are curling sideways. I recommend checking the PH of your nutrient solution before feeding as well as the runoff to make sure it is within the expected range. For hydro growers, the PH should be between 5.6 and 6.5. For soil, the PH should be between 6 and 7. Testing for PH is really easy and [inexpensive(https://amzn.to/2QrJ2Mf). For best results, try and maintain a stable PH.
  • Make sure you are not over watering your plants. Over watering definitely causes your leaves to curl. A lot of times your leaves will curl upwards when your plants are over watered, but I have also seen cases when they curl sideways as well. If you think you might be over watering your plants, let your soil dry to the point where the top couple inches is dry. Then resume watering and repeat the process. Things should improve from that point forward and growth should return to normal once watering has been stabilized.
  • Check your plants for pests. Pests can definitely cause your leaves to curl sideways. Even when no symptoms are present, it is best to check your plants regularly for bugs. The best way is to look underneath your fan leaves. Leaves curling sideways are sometimes caused by mites. Broad mites can also have a profound impact. Unfortunately, broad mites are almost impossible to see when the naked eye. They are so small, but can inflict major damage on your grow. If you discover that pests are causing your plants to grow sideways leaves, then you should apply a DIY home remedy like soap and water or seek out an organic pesticide like [neem oil(https://amzn.to/3cULZhQ) to slow them down. Never spray your plants before harvest.

In Conclusion

I hope this short blog about leaves curling sideways helped

Hey @dirtydave , what brand soil are you using.

I’m reusing COM soil with grow dots so far it’s going well

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I’ve had a few plants start out looking like that. Leafs a little puffy and crankley. But once I get to the point of water to run off plant starts looking Normal. Leads me to believe soil a little hot.

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I had one plant with that same sideways twist last year. She was a Tangy Dosidos growing outdoors, and it was getting late in the season. It affected a few upper leaves. I scoured the internet and found one obscure reference to zinc deficiency.

I wrote it off as genetics and the weird leaves did not at all affect the harvest!

As long your girl is healthy, I would not worry.

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