What causes buds to go dark green brown after drying

I have had complaints that my bud is too dark/brown. After doing some research it seem to be issues with drying. Can anybody help with this. The strain is AK.


Welcome to the community ! I like to shoot for a slow dry 8 to10 days 66 to 70 degrees in a dark place. Humidity 45 to 50. I understand everybody’s conditions are different depending on winter or summer. After drying final trim and place in jars for curing. Minimum of 30 days, also good to drop a hydrometer in jar to monitor moisture level and burp every day.
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Hi Kellydans
thanks for that …pretty much doing what you have suggested…do you know what causes the darkening of the bud…is it light. humidity, temp or some combination of them?


@KellyBob I know some Growers do a bud wash at the end. I have read helps to keep buds pretty and fresh I am going to tag @Myfriendis410 he would be the go-to guy for this.

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1 cup peroxide in 5 gallons of water, soak plant material for 6 minutes then rinse. Dry and cure as normal. Long term storage in freezer or refrigerator.


Thanks for that…what percentage peroxide

I had done the peroxide wash still ended up with dark green bud leaves.

Still not sure what part of the drying process caused the bud to darken.

I have read that the Mexicans dry their weed in the fields in the sun and it ends up being dark in appearance. now Mexican weed has 5% THC and the lighter color indoor 15-20%. So i guess that light and heat affect the color and that’s why dark weed is considered low grade weed. (https://wayofleaf.com/education/what-is-dank-marijuana)

Light turns chlorophyll brown usually sun light… made green dragon a few months ago and put in window seal for like 4 hours direct sun it went from emerald green to golden brown in 4 hours doesn’t take much, I think it would take much more exposure to turn bud brown tho
Light degrades bud, turns chlorophyll brown and turns THC into CBN

Does it smell like hay really bad while drying?