What causees nanners?

What causes nanners is it you let it flower too long or what??

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What nutrient deficiency cause that

9 weeks into flower

Usually light leakage if they are photoperiod plants. Switching back and forth between flowering and veg

I just had to cut a nice chunk out of one of my Strawberry Kush plants because I accidentally left the rooms overhead lights on for over 24hrs. I got lucky and found it early or I would have had 8 plants with seeds. Cannabis females are pretty tough, but they don’t want any light when they are supposed to be in the dark. That was how I got nanners @Fishead.

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Yeah crazy shit…
Yeah I was checking to me and my buddy had the same strain and he’s got them and thank God I don’t have him but that just makes me want to harvest in the next couple days.
Any good tips on Macon that that sexy b**** 2 produced trichomes like crazy in the next couple days before I cut it down

If you cut it down before maturity if will be for nothing. If you don’t see any in your crop then it isn’t genetics. Your partner over stressed them resulting in the plant trying to self pollinate.
Stay your course and get those girls to harvest


I had it happen to two of my girls when they grew up into my parabolic hood they became way too hot. That was all before I learned to LST Top fim etc

I think I got them from a green led light that was on during lights out.
Don’t trust anyone telling you green light doesn’t bother the plants. Anything over a certain joule value and it can cause nanners.

Stress of any kind during flower can cause nanners. Gotta keep on your toes even more on last part of journey


I wouldn’t take it unless the trichomes are at least mostly milky. I split the stem at the base of 3 plants a week before harvest and it speeds up the trichomes change supposedly. It’s supposed to help.