What caused these plants to die off?

I had 20 plants and 12 of them died i gave them food 2 days ago there in a greenhouse temps were 102F today and when i walked in to the greenhouse i see 12 plants burnt could this have been to much nutrients?

Overwatered ?
sun burn them ?

Would appreciate yo opinion LOL these plants are ruined haha but wha do you guys think it is ?

Too many nutrients and not enough water and possibly not enough air flow…
It’s going to be hard for anything to live in that heat…
But what happens when temps go up is the plant breathes faster , which makes it take up more water and if there are more nutrients then there is water for the plant to take up , you get these kind of results…
Simple answer is…
More water less nutrients and also figure out a way to extract the heat and move more air around… :+1::wink:


That sucks! IMO, they got nuked in that heat

@peachfuzz nailed it! Yeah greenhouses get HOT! Mine is vented from the bottom 2 feet all the way along the front, and 3 foot vent holes all the way across the top to chimney out the heat. And yep, as the temps rise so does transpiration, and since transpiration is how food and water get up the stalk you can bet the plant shut down metabolism so far to protect itself that it couldn’t withstand the heat. As well the nutes get super pumped up while still transpiring. Eventually they shut down and die. Depending if there is any non wilted material left it may be possible to save them? Highly unlikely though.

See the huge openings top right and the 2 foot strip below? If you dont have a giant circular fan sucking air in one end and blowing heat out the other, you will need a passive way to get rid of excessive heat! Reduce fertilizer and increase watering.


got some revive nutrients my local hydrostore said it works perfectly fine so ima give it a try

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Same plants a week later that roof is 12 feet high!


yup i open my too so the hot air goes out