What cannabis treatment can also be used for breast cancer?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I have received your emails. My name is Favian as you might already know. I’m doing research and trying to figure out what kind of treatment to get my mother. She has had breast cancer in the past. She did chemo, radiation and also removed her breast. Now the cancer is back in her breast and also in other parts of her body. I have started her on a gram a day of RSO oil and her friend also sent her some kind of CBD pearls. She just started a strict vegan diet. Is there anything else i could be trying?

Thank you for all the help,
Favian Pop.

Hello, You should look into “RiCK Simpson oil” & CBDs! Everyone that I’ve known to use it on other types of cancer it has helped & also cured them!
Hope this helps! God bless!

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Probably the easiest thing would be to research what others have used and talk to others rhat have treated it with in their personal experiences

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When done correctly, this recipe will take 10 days
First you must decarboxylate your raw material. Use the whole plant minus the roots. This will give you the highest medicinal effect.

Heat oven to 200-212 degrees. Put desired plant material in a mason jar and seal the top. Put jar in oven for 45 minutes.
After decarboxylation remove from oven and let it cool over night. This will allow the terpenes to absorb into the plant material.

Fill this jar with Organic Coconut Oil. Fill to the top of the jar covering all the plant material.
Cook in a water bath at 118 degrees for 5 days. Stir occasionally.
Remove from water bath and filter Coconut Oil. Squeeze the material to remove all the oil.
Re-fill the jar with new oil and heat for an additional 3 days. Remove from water bath and filter.

Now add Sunflower liquid Lecithin. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons to one cup of coconut oil.

This can be used as an oral or topical solution. Enjoy.