What can i use to remove chlorine and chloridane

The humidity has been so stupid high I only have to water my 3 photos every other day in 3 gallon pots. My auto in a 1 gallon is twice a day lol. There have been days they needed a feed and I just filled, mixed and pH’ed and there has been no noticable difference. But I’ll do like you do, after dechlorination. Mix and pH to just under 5.8, then by day 3, maybe 4 if feeding is minimal, it is still under 6.0. After day 4, leftovers get chunked.

I only use nutes for 3 days up til like mid veg time then I go thru so much for all the plants I mix like 20 to 25 gallons a day for all the plants usually have little to none left now as I’ve gotten pretty good at how much is needed to get that runoff I’m looking for

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As long as we are talking about water, I am wondering about using softened water. I am on a private well and the water has quite a bit of minerals ( calcium & magnesium). So we soften our water and use sodium chloride in the softener. In the spring and summer I will add dehumidifier water to my tap water but now that we aren’t running the dehumidifier I am 100% tap. Its pH and PPM is around 8.2 and 220 respectively. I know sodium chloride will accumulate in the medium. If I am top feeding I can splurge on distilled water to flush once or twice during a grow. However it is hard to do that when I am using autopots. I suppose I can occasionally throw in a batch of Jack’s using distilled water. Otherwise, I am thinking of changing our softening agent to potassium chloride. It is 4 or 5 times the cost of sodium chloride. I will switch back when I can mix in dehumidifier or even rain water.
Anyone use potassium chloride?

You might take a sample post softener and send it to a lab for analysis. The lab may have a recommendation on wether the water is usable for your plants.

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Careful with that. I use gallon jugs too and have had a few leak and make a mess.

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I ordered a water sampling kit from Jacks earlier today. Kit is free, analysis is $44 (I think). I’m more concerned with the hardness of the water, but I would imagine they also analyze and advise on salt content.


@ThatsNotMineOfficer has u covered honestly, I use the same exact method. Fill the gallon, leave it out uncovered, I do it for 48 hours just to be safe I guess, pH the water to 6.5 if ur growing in soil, and u are good to go. I’ve used this method everytime I’ve grown and have had no issues at all. I also don’t germinate my seeds, I just put em in the dirt about half an inch to an inch down into the soil :point_down:using my index finger, brush some dirt over it, I put literally a couple droplets of water on the spot I just covered and I make a circle around the area with water and vóila, weed.

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Awesome. I feel like any other plant in the world I wouldn’t take it quite this seriously.

I still need some distilled for misting these PF cakes, so I bought another six gallons. I’ll just keep two for my shrooms and keep refilling the others. Thanks for the nudge folks.

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Nice, curious to know how u make out with the shrooms. Been wanting to get my hands on some lately

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@JiggaMan1987 so far,
they are doing really well.

They have been far easier to get started with than I thought.

Have you ever done them?

You can actually order magic truffles online, using bitcoin.

I got some online from a site called “wholecelium”
They’ve come in every time.
I’ve been getting them for microdosing though, you’d have to eat about the whole 15g pack of fresh truffles to really trip. Idk that I could eat that much, the truffles are harder to stomach than dried cubes.

But you can order spores really easily as well, from stateside suppliers.
Just grow em yourself.
The PF Tek is very easy to follow, and quite cheap to replicate.

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Spores are cheap, pick some up and grow em :grin:

@Dakjoe oh yeah I’ve tried em, plenty of times. Never grew my own tho. I have a pretty steady plug for shrooms whether it’s shrooms chocolate bars, or actual fungi. Last time I tripped was a year ago, I had some APE strain caps, albino penis envy if anyone is wondering what ape stands for, and I ate an 8th and tripped hard for about 6 hours. Haven’t done any since

Just sitting it out for a day or 2 removes chlorine.

Whether to use your tap water depends on how clean it is. My tap water is near 500ppm so I use RO water that I buy for $1 for 5 gallons. I have a RO/DI filter but takes too long, I’d rather spend 10-15 minutes and fill up a few 5 gal jugs than spend all day monitoring my RO filter and swapping jugs as needed.

I’m currently growing some golden teachers. First grow.

I’ve got 2 syringes of b+ and 2 syringes of golden teachers for my nex 6-7 grows.

I just wanna have a Mason jar full of em. Feelin like an apothecary in this place lol

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@Dakjoe sweet. i think i might get a kit myself and grow some of my own. I luv to trip,it used to just be about having fun when I was younger, but nowadays, they’re extremely therapeutic for me

I no this thread is old but I heard from a old timer that vitamin C helps to rid the tap of chlorine and chloradine don’t no if this is true but after looking into it says it does help.

Well i run about 25 gal of tap water in a big basin and put about 3 vitamam c let it set for at least 2 days with a bubbler before i use it. Ph it of course. Really haven’t had any problems. with this process.

Usually an go to home Depot or Lowe’s and pick up a free sample kit and send in the kit believe it takes 2 to 3 weeks for results. I have a kit here but never used it lol.

I use a RV filter and July/August I put 1 ea. 500mg vitamin C in 10 gal of water for the chloramines we get here because our water supply is lake water.