What can i use to pH up my water

Using distilled water. day 42 into my 3 plant grow & i dropped & spilled all my pH Up & i dont have enough to balance it. what can i use to fix this? plants are looking really thirsty so i dont want to wait for another shipment of Ph up & Ph down??

Give it straight distilled water and get some fresh ph adjuster coming


distilled water with no nutes?? just plant 0 ppm water?


I think watering with distilled water once or twice while you’re waiting on your shipment will be fine as long as the ph in your soil has remained at an optimal range when you test runoff, because the distilled water, having essentially no dissolved solids, will adopt whatever ph your soil is already at.



Thank you guys for the help! i thought i was screwed as soon as i lost all that Ph up. ill check run off ppm & update in a hour or so.


As I understand it, there’s no need to pH distilled or r/o water.


I added Calmag & Grow big nutrients to my distilled water before i dropped the Ph . thats why i had to make a new batvh of just plain distilled water.

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