What can i use for these bugs?

@Wikcsi. Looks like spider mites. And a pretty good case of them too. .
A 50/ 50 mix of peroxide and water will knock them down but you’ll need some spinosad or azamax to eradicate them.
Capt jacks Dead bug or safers end all will nuke em.
Get some more air flow on them too. They don’t like a good breeze.
Good luck.

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My first impulse was to flee this thread in fear of getting mighty mites!

I’m a believer in liquid ladybug and following procedure without skipping a beat.

I eradicated mites without killing the plants, sterilizing the room, and starting over again, they tend to colonize one plant then move onto other plants, everything needs to be treated as if it’s infected weather or not it shows tell-tale signs, the entire area in and out must be treated as if it infested.

It only takes one survivor to start the process allover again, they’re asexual. They were designed and born in hell!