What can I do to treat for powdery mildew?

I believe that my plants have been affected by powdery mildew. I was wondering how to treat them. What would the affect be if left alone?

Post some pics.

If left untreated wpm will pretty much engulf the plant, spread to others, ruin your grow and probably any other grow in that space.

I’ve been battling it for about a year and have tried everything anyone has ever recommended. I’ve spent so much money on products that sort of worked or didn’t work. I’m going to save you that misery and expense. (Sounds like an infomercial).

JMS Organic Stylet oil. It’s odorless, tasteless, and supposedly safe right up to harvest (I haven’t needed to spray it past 2 weeks of flowering). I won’t say it eradicates wpm, but a few applications on early caught wpm has taken it off my concerns.

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