What can I do to make my buds grow bigger and put on more weight? Has anyone tried molasses? I have some seedlings that have just sprouted too so this will be a collaboration




They look great man :muscle: nice and bushy :facepunch:


what the fuck is it? The ugliest seedling I have ever encountered


She’s an Ugly Betty alright, but I bet she’ll give big beautiful buds at harvest (providing of course it’s a female).


Of course I don’t like males


I think my plants are knocking on heavens door
Take a look


Nice lookin colas man :metal:


Great post. I just learned a lot of info. They should sticky your post.


If your referring to that long as post about harvesting than that is not mine I copied and pasted it because of it’s relevance


Good find and thx for sharing.


@Weedwizard that is exactly what I needed. THANKS A TON M8!!! GOOD SHIT…I may have started my flush a Lil early perhaps… But for my 1st grow I’m happy. Just gotta cure the stuff properly I c. Not just a matter of pick/dry/smoke.


I have 1 question… How do u know the actual curing is done? I see it all turns into another 3 weeks wait once picked.
I’ve done an 8 week veg, looking at 8-9 flowering then we go into the dry/curing for 2-3. 18 - 20 weeks all up. Best b a top smoke I say. PATIENCE IS HARD LEARNT.


After a week hanging I think its ready to burn but then you just cure in jars over the next week or so but I’d say hang dry, smoke and begin the curing same time


Beautiful. Good stuff. Sounding like fun again. Thank You.


I am due to harvest this weekend. It’s wednesday here should I turn lights off today so they get darkness for a couple days. Am gonna start trimming on Friday night and then over the weekend. Thoughts?


I’m close to harvest myself maybe next weekend, when lights go off Thursday keep them off until Saturday morning and you should be golden! or turn lights off today and chop them down Friday either way



Mine are so amber and frosty. It stinks so bad… can’t wait to smoke some. Lights off Thursday cut on Saturday.


Yours look mouth watering too!! Have you got any pics of your trichs?


That’s the shit.How old r them ones?


8 1/2 weeks of flower they are at. Don’t have magnifier for trichs pic.