What can I do to insure that my blue dream turns blue

Sweet light and well thought out plan. Nice plants :+1:t5:

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plants are doing great . they will be six weeks on the 26 october my question is how long should i veg for maximum yield?

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As long as ur alotted space and light height allow. Looks like ur in a room… how tall is it and what lights again?

Edit 1000w HPS… time to get my google on

1000 watts hps lost of room they are bushes i just top the the have about 10-15 nodes

They say anywhere from 4x4 to 5x5 with 2 ft from canopy… so im thinking bout 2 ft from pot before flip is the most u wanna go… the thing is they are bushy…

How many weeks from seed?

And whats ur goal harvest?

They will be 6 weeks on the 26 I am looking at 6x6 with each a scrog of it own 15 top before i top them yesterday. I want a pound 8 plants

Another week or two and u maybe in range. If u can get those nets on em (i highly recommend individual nets for this many plants) and train em thru… whenever u flip will be fine. But 10 weeks and ull be GOLDEN. Baring no setbacks of course

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10 weeks veg?

Not mandatory. Just depends on ur screen. And would almost guarantee the lb. 8 should be sufficient

Hey purp they will be 6 weeks tomorrow from the floor they are two feet from dirt up 1 foot they have about 20 tops pe plant now. I think I can flip them and get a pound that’s two oz a plant what do you think?


Sounds like solid math. 2 grams a bud (minimally) x 20 = 40 g’s a plant. 40 x 8 = 320gs. 28 (grams in an oz) x 12 = 336. So 12 ounces minimally. Im PRETTY DAM* sure ull be 2 grams a bud. So safe bet

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Thx for your support i am doing scrogs now will send pic

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Pull them apart, give them some room to stretch.
Never, I repeat, NEVER crowd your plants.



    October 26

Pull them apart, give them some room to stretch.

Never, I repeat, NEVER crowd your plants.

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what you think?


Haha looking great! @spyonyou @elheffe702 @Myfriendis410 @merlin44 look what yall startd :joy::joy:


Hey, what’s up, @PurpNGold74? How’s it going? What did I do now? :joy:

Good looking bunch you have, @willie2397 :+1:




Yall are the scrog masters :joy::joy: so yes. U get blame

Master of none, here.

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