What can I do to insure that my blue dream turns blue

*Slow growth. Not show growth.

hey how is all the plants are one month today. I top them at 3 weeks early i know but they had there forth tear, i also removed lost of fam leaves they got huge not in this pic. now i am removing some fam leaves they all have at lease ten tops. I only removed the center top. I plant to top again 2-3 weeks before I flip them, I am lowing the lights to 24 from 36 i also ordered a 1000 watt HPS doubled sided for flowing I think I will get more light for my 6x6 era i also included the pic of my home made scrogg each plant will have it own. Please comment


Everything looks good. You should be able to pull a nice harvest after adding the double sided HPS for flowering. That will add a lot of light.

Cold water flushes and ice on top at lights out. My 0urple panty dropper seemed to turn purple.

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lol I think i will at the HPs when It get here to finish the veg with more light as well what do you thinnk?

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and do you think removing those fam leaves will hurt or help?

early lollipop

Way too early imo. I prefer to lollipop after the transition stretch. U need leaves to grow leaves.

Let them recover bro


I hope they recover

i will let you know in two weeks

Purps is right. Stop trimming. Let them fill out and grow a little.

Rule of thumb is never remove more that 30%, but I never even get near that. Give her a couple weeks to recover.

You can use that for a scrog, but the openings are a bit large and there’s room for a lot of movement there. I like 2.5”-3” openings and a tighter screen.


It couldn’t hurt adding the HPS. You don’t need a ton of light for veg, but canopy coverage is important in all stages. Many people run HPS from start to finish. I’d run MH or LED in veg, but I don’t see why HPS would hurt anything. Might get a little stretch from the red spectrum, but it should be manageable.

I don’t have a lot of info on leaf removal during veg. I do remove sick or dead leaves, but that’s about it. I don’t usually remove any healthy leaves until right before the 12/12 flip, then I clean things up each week until week 3 of flower.

This is y I pulled the fams as you can see in a few day the energy shot to the top. Now I only top them once at three weeks and only took the one of the top. i will let them get more height over the next two weeks top them again at 6 weeks flip the at week 8. Blue dreams fams get large they take away a lot of growth if let them stay,


I want remove anymore until 2 weeks of flower it will allow the tops to multiply when I top them next i will top all tops lol

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what do you think big br grower?

They are blowing up! Id keep on spreading outwards til u ready to flip. Didnt u wanna scrog too? Gonna need a few nets or one REALLY BIG ONE

everyone will have it’s own scrog i sent picks of it. Thx bro

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I put up 1000 HPS today plenty coverage I have it at 45’ I will lower it slow had to turn it down to 600 it was stressing them they are young so I will hit them with a 1000 in bloom what you think?


That’ll absolutely do the trick. Awesome light.