What can I do to insure that my blue dream turns blue

1800 mars and two 300 mars

I also intend to scrog

Ur gonna need more spread im thinking. How big of scrogs u intend to use? And how big is ur grow area?

If 2 x 2 scrogs ull need a TON of space and even more light

7x5 my grow room is big

Couldnt find the 1800… like this one? https://www.amazon.com/MARS-HYDRO-Spectrum-Hydroponics-Greenhouse/dp/B01KT62A0M/ref=asc_df_B01KT62A0M/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=167139575215&hvpos=1o7&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15463114013749580704&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9013947&hvtargid=aud-829758849484:pla-329312001514&psc=1

It says ~600 true watts. The 300s… im guessing 150 a piece. So u have around 1000w from wall

7 x 5 = 35 square ft… 35 x 50 = 1750w

With blurples… to maximize the lighting u want around 50 watts per square ft. So thats the 35 x 50. Ud need almost twice as many to ‘properly’ flower that space. Now… im not saying it wont work. Its just less efficient then they advertise

here my light set nup

How big u intend to scrog? 2 x 2? Thats like 20 square feet with no space between (smallest u can squeeze em) thats doable with ur current lighting. But not really practical plant wise

lol thx srog will be 7x5

in that space you see is 7 x5

U mean one big ass scrog for all of them? Thats gon be tough. Plants grow differently. Then how u plan on watering them? Itd be much easier to setup 10 diff scrogs, one for each plant. @merlin44 is a frigging wiz. Id pick his brain and journals apart! How much light u using and how big is ur room? @Myfriendis410 is also a beast as well.

Again not tryna turn u off. Just helping u plan this out

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it’s a room in back of my garage it\s big enough to do what ever I just have those light can;t afford any more at the time and don’t want cops to pick up on lights

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The blurple is a batman signal for it… just food for thought. Not tryna sell u on more lights just yet.


Every plant will mature differently and every plant will have it’s own issues. You REALLY want to keep your SCROGs separate for that reason. A well designed one will work beautifully and make your plant mobile enough to rotate and adjust and futz with while in the frame.

I have 4 plants and one runt flowering in my 5x5, and have all I can handle. These are clones that were vegged for about a month and a half. I’m just getting through the main stretch on the sativa doms, 10 days after flip. Honestly, I couldn’t even imagine packing one more plant into this area when vegging that long.

Also, I’m using an HLG 260W XL rspec and a Viparspectra TC 1200 (similar to your big Mars). The HLGs essentially overachieve their actual wall wattage numbers, and the Vip draws around 550 watts. I feel for the five plants I’m flowering, I should almost have another 300 watts somewhere. Also, I can’t even move around the tent at this point. The plants are massive!

I originally wanted to flower 7 plants in this area. The friendly people on this forum politely recommended lowering that amount. They were most certainly correct in their assessment. I would be swamped right now trying to flower 7 in my 5x5. As it is, I wish I only had 3 or 4 going right now. It’s really crowded in my 5x5 right now!

As @merlin44 stated

I have been doing the same for my entire grow. If I had less plants, I could take more time to focus attention on their development, rather than worrying about 5 other plants. Even though you have many grows under your belt, growing that many plants indoors can be tough, and in my experience, requires a ton more effort to control the many factors that are involved.

Your plants look great, and everything you have going on seems to point to you knowing what’s up. Everyone on the forum is just trying to help make certain you have an awesome, successful grow. I feel it would be tough, even as an experienced grower to get that high of a yield in that confined space, with the current lighting setup.


here is my grow room


So what you think ? I think I can get there?

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I think you’ll be fine. That is a ton of space. It’s way more than the 7x5 I was envisioning, so you have room to expand if necessary. More lighting would be good, but I understand the budget thing and the hassle from the dun duns. @PurpNGold74 is the unofficial kingpin of grams per watt . You have about 1000 watts actual draw to roll with, that’s nothing to sneeze at. Rock it. I think you’ll definitely get some nugs out of it. The old way of thinking where 1 watt gets you 1 gram would put you a little over 2 elbows. You could probably squeeze more than that with proper technique. New lighting has somewhat shifted that school of thought, but it’s still not far off. I’m locked in on your grow when you set your journal up.

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I will send you pics every two weeks I am using fox farm dirty doz. promix dirt mix with ocean forest . molasses , calmag I always PH at 6,5 thats works for me

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Bringing colors out in cannabis entails a few things.

Genetics.- some strains are just more likely to color.

Temp- dropping nighttime temps will lock out certain nutes, and create blues, purples, pinks etc. Temps into the low to mid 50’s f will do it. But it will also show growth.

Nutes -reducing certain nutes at the end of flowering will act a lot like low temps. As the specific nutes are deficient, the plant will take on hues of blue, pink, purple etc,

Essentially you’re creating a lockout, or deficiency. So in order to create these beautiful colors you’re sacrificing some potential. I’ve seen some magnificent buds with amazing colors. Most of the colors don’t last through the cure.

Also if you’re pulling only 1000w of blurple light in a 5’x7’ you’re under lit for that space for flower. It’s plenty for veg, but those girls are going to want a lot of light in flower.