What can I do to help this girl

The plant came out with the seed shell still on will it shed it or can I some how remove it. also wondering what is happening here I haven’t had all that much luck germinating seeds it is very troublesome have 6 more northern lights I could try for this grow but I really need everything finished up by Christmas they are all autoflowers.

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I use the tip of a pencil and GENTLEY nudge the seed casing and it will normally come right off with that nudge. Sometimes, the inner membrane gets stuck, you can tell because the little roundish leaves don’t open. That may need a bit of a nudge as well.

This has been a fairly common occurrence in my grows. Good Luck!


Same advice as the :mage:‍♂ above. Pencil or tweazers and GENTLY REMOVE. Also the ‘husk’ tends to be brownish and usually needs removal as well. It happens…

Also its nearly Sept. ud need those girls to get into action ASAP to have an xmas harvest


@PurpNGold74 @merlin44 thanks I removed the husk came off easily. The breeder of the seeds that I germinated say 70 days from germination to harvest same thing with the ones I have going now. NL 60 days seed to harvest they are preflower right now at 31 days I guess they will be a little behind also. It really bugs me that they(breeder)says this many days from germination to harvest and then it is like an extra month till they are done false advertisement i would say. I have about 120 days for these new girls to finish is that really unattainable if so that is 50 days over there original statement WTF.

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I hear you! I read about all these strains that are supposed to grow in two and a half months from germinating to hanging. I just don’t believe that’s true. I’m not super duper experience by any means but I feel that’s a logical assessment

It is hell tryna meet deadlines with moving timetables they give us. It takes a bit of researching to fine more realistic times. But then each grow is diff. Even with the exact same genetics (from clone) my plant would flower differently then urs. Same lighting and soil… still theyd do differently.

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There are some that do finish pretty fast, but I would expect more like +/- 90 days

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Gotta go auto flower otherwise you’re looking at at least two months of flowering time alone

Even most of the autoflowers flower that long.

He aint lying. I just said this… i veg my girls quickly… they are photos but never get over 3 ft tall. If i want i can veg for 2 months. The choice is mines. Autos? Nope

@PurpNGold74 @dbrn32 @rickserena @Justin4583 I hear you guys. I am gonna go for it they are popped now gonna be a juggling act for a bit with two sets of plants going but I am under the gun on time and I am not sure when I will be able to do another one. Trying to keep myself covered for herb until I can try a photo period. Might try some mixed grows veggies and cannabis. But I have got to get these done by the holidays. So I shall hope for the best.

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You got the time. N have been researchin. I think ull be cutting around xmas… and with any luck will have dried (but not cured… so SMOKABLE) herb