What can I do? Seedling doesn't seem right

A question from a fellow grower:

started growing seeds in new box something doesn’t seem right.

Your nutrients are to strong for such small seedlings . Nutrients don’t get added until week four in veg from seedling.

You never feed seedlings in till they have 5 or 6 sets of true leaves

You mite be able to save the plant on the bottom, but . The other one is done for…sorry.
Just hang in there, don’t give up or anything. We all have been there
Hell just the other I was trimming my seedling with 6 sets of true leaves and I sniped that plant right in half…r.I.p

B Safe

Not exactly true. You do not add nutrients, until you have 4-5 alternating nodes of true leaf sets; Regardless of timeframe.

You will have to monitor the roots. If the roots survive, and look white and healthy; You may be able to save this seedling. Otherwise; Start over. Sorry

Sorry , I’m no expert , but I tried .