What can I do about this seedling?

Wedding Cake, fem, from ILGM, planted 5/05.
Covert Grow Tent
First planted in Jiffy pellet then in smaller CowPot and put in larger CowPot yesterday (just dropped the smaller pot into the larger one - CowPot not like other biodegradables as a CowPot does degrade, roots were already growing outside the pot.
I did find a cutworm moth flying around in the tent. But I don’t think this was the issue…but dang! Really? I didn’t expect this in an inside grow tent. We are infested with them right now.
Using FF Happy Frog
Have TDS to zero using a Brita Zero filter.
PH is too high. Tomorrow go to town (110 miles away) and will get pH down at the garden store. Hope to find a digital pH meter as I am using strips. Otherwise, will order one online.

Of 7 plants only two like this. Just showed up two days ago.
Issues I have struggled with and worked to correct:
Consistent temps in tent. One morning was 64 deg in there. Looking to get a small ceramic cube heater, if I can find one.
Humidity: our rh is in 30s’ so a struggle to get to even 50. Not sure on hydrometer working as this morning it said the tent was 70 humidity but didn’t feel that way. But started using 6" fan from outside the tent rather than inside as I was told needed better air flow. Prior to yesterday fan inside the larger chamber of the 3x4 grow tent and it was sopping wet in there but rh only said 50. Today it seems drier but higher rh. Not sure on this. I am in an arid climate, NM, so humidity is something I am not acquainted with. Altitude 4600 or so, cool or downright cold at night here, day temps are pleasant comparatively to other arid regions.

5/8: I added silica as read it was good to make strong stems. Literally an hour after I did that I discovered the forum here and to my horror realized I should not have done any nutrients yet. Is silica considered a nute? Am I seeing the after effects of this blunder?

My husband said I baby them too much. But he is wonderful and told me to order the AutoPot system I wanted as he thinks that will help me be successful.

My first ‘real’ grow! I put some clones in the garden boxes last year and a few days later 70 mph winds stripped the leaves.

P.S. I love this forum! I have literally spent hours yesterday pouring over old posts trying to figure this out. It was an old post here that mentioned the AutoPots and sent me down that road. image

Forgot to mention they have been on 24/7 T5 lighting but last night switched to 18/6 schedule.

Make sure to also get pH UP just in case. I have added nutrients in 6.5 pH water and it drops to say 5.5 pH. And yes this happens to me every single time. :pensive:

Oh right on! While I absolutely love living in the high desert plains, however it is a harsh environment for all concerned. Our water is strictly well water though, so that is good I presume. Just high pH.

Thank you!

Our tap water hits to almost 9.0 pH because I don’t live in a town according to the Post Office, Police Department and even the Texas Government. Even my own cell phone provider says my address doesn’t exist.

Funny thing is its a town, yet not a town.

Love it! We cannot get remote enough as far as I am concerned. I have been socially distancing for decades. Nursing tends to do that to you.
We are total nudists and my husband would be sad if he could not mow the lawn nude. :slight_smile:

Hello Kikigee. I’m to inexperienced for much advice on your plants, but as far as the well water goes, the quality of the water largely depends on your geographical location. I live in an agricultural area in the northeast, my well has awesome water which I use on my plants. I also have wedding cake fems from ILGM. I have a good friend that lives 3 miles down the road, and he has terrible smelling sulfur water. I see many posts where people assume tap water means municipal water, not well water. My water ph’s at 7 almost every time

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She’ll pull out if it. A lot of plants start out with their first leaves looking funky. You don’t need to worry about PH’ing your water if you have 0 TDS. There’s nothing in it to hold a true PH. 0 TDS water (filtered, distilled, reverse osmosis) will just assume the PH of the medium it’s poured into. Still a good idea to have PH adjusters for when you start adding nutrients.