What Bloom Nutes to use


Fellow growers, this is my first time indoors. I need a little knowledge about what would be the best Nutes to feed. I switched to bloom 2 days ago. I have Advanced Bloom, Micro, Grow, & Bud Candy. Also Fox Farm Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom ( which I’m scared to death of) also MaxiBloom 5-15-14. Any information would be greatly appreciated as what combo or singular application is appropriate for Bloom stage.
White Widow, Gold Leaf, and Banana Kush. Thank You all so much.

When can I harvest my plant?

Why are you scared of Foxfarm? Lol. I use it and it works just fine. I just flipped to flower myself and i’m using Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom all together.


Thanks @raustin I have been using FF Big Bloom & Grow Big but I’ve read about a lot of horror stories about Tiger :tiger: Bloom and Nute burn so I’m just a little gun shy about the Tiger if I can use something else that is a little safer and do the job, i would rather. But your response really doesn’t address my question. Thanks though.


Well @raustin it kind of does but you didn’t give any detail as to your mix ratios.


Actually if @raustin is using the fox farms 90% chance she is using the feeding chart that comes with it . I have had great success with that line following thier feeding schedule at about 2 thirds of the recommended dose . You can always start out at half strength the first tiger bloom you use . The dry trio from fox farms needs extra caution though .


Ok, sorry, i’m a little stoned today. So I use the FF at full strength, but if you’re worried I would go half strength once a week. I’ve never had a problem with nute burn.


Also just getting to switch to advance line for the easy ph benefits. I have tried many different brands and it mostly comes down to which you like best they all work good if you stay on top of your ph . and follow the directions . The ph issue is why I am trying the advance nutes

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I’m in agreement with @raustin, I’m a big fox farm fan and it’s hard to beat…but so is advanced, nftg, there a lot of good ones out there,


Thanks so much everyone I really appreciate your input but please keep the reviews coming and should I start with the candy also or does it make any difference?.Thank You @Sittingbull64 and @raustin.


And Thank You also @Oldstoner.

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Keep feeding your veg nutes until you see actual flowers. Plants dont need bud food if there is no buds yet.Once you start to actually see flowers forming thats the time to start a diluted flower nute schedule


Thank You so much @mountainman1. You know your absolutely correct I didn’t give that much thought. Boy, I’ll be so glad to get this first grow behind me so I won’t have to look so ignorant in front of all you good people. Thank You very much.


No worries about looking ignorant we are all learning all of the time regardless of our experience we will learn as much from you as you will learn from us
We are all in it together
Welcome to the community and congratulations on your your first grow and many more successful grows to come


FF fis good stuff. Never had nute burn with it and used it at full strength.
Flower Power is another good one. I don’t have big ph swings with it. If your reading “horror stories” about Tiger Bloom then I suggest operator error.
When used correctly you should have no problems

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I follow the Fox farms feeding schedule and feed full strength. I also look at my runoff and check my PPM (part per million) if it is high then I will feed just plain pH water till it comes down in range. Also never feed back to back.