What best nutrients for auto flower

What are the best nutrients for auto flower in coco and what is the best guid to follow for big yeild

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Lots of variables not listed: what affects yield? Strain, lights, nutrients, training techniques, operator headspace, phase of the moon etc all play a role.

Lots of good nutrient lines. I use GH Flora series, others use FF, AN etc. It’s a matter of preference. Jack’s 1-2-3 is a good value. Grow More has a line of dry nutes etc.

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Yes I was looking at getting that gh flora do u have a feed schedule I could look at please i grow normal flowers but auto done once but kinda messed them up well not messed up I used what I use on my normal flowers and it stumped them but weed was really good not a lot of it I lst them as well thing I waked them too much with canna a b cal mag them used sumo boost and big bud at end


You can either use their Drain To Waste (DTW) schedule or the one for coco. Use in the ratios provided but keep your nutrient solution no higher than 800 ppm in veg and 1,000 in flower. Unless they show you differently.

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GH is a good basic line and many use it, here is their nute schedule.

Advanced Nutrients is a great line to but more pricey and I would say better when one has a couple grows under your belt thus is able to better use the more expensive nutrients.

Personally I think NPK industries has the best nutes I’ve seen but they are expensive and harder to come by.
I prefer dry nutrients as it doesn’t go bad and your not paying for water, also shelf life of some microbes in a liquid like mkyos are questionable in a liquid nute like An provides.

I use Chem grow 4-20-39 as a bloom nutrients, stupid cheap dry nutes thst comes in 5lb or larger bags Wich is designed grow cannabis (they provide it to commercial growers mostly)