What auto's will grow in temp 35 f at night ,, to 70 f in the day

i am pulling my plants in 3 weeks out side , temp at night will get down to 35f at night , and 70 daytime is there any autos that can live in this temp for 4 mo. thank you all for the help , and yes i am a new to all this ,lol

As long as it doesn’t get below freezing they are pretty resilient. May not be the best circumstances but should grow.

As for what strain would do best I’ll have to pass and let someone else jump in there! Good luck and keep reading. Plenty of useful info here!

I dont know anything about that, but just thought id mention building a small greem house around them, if you hadnt thought of that yet. If they are properly insultated you may be able to keep the temp from dropping below 50 or 60 at night.


If your plant freezes it will die.

The growth will be very slow, could die if the genetics are weak. Under 50° growth basically comes to a halt.

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