What auto/photo to get growing outdoor

hey guys, i need some advice.

im considering getting 5 more seeds to start 5 more plants . thats the idea anyway :wink:

what seeds should i get and why? im in new england united states

my considerations are auto blueberry
auto lowryder
auto bubble gum
any others worth considering?

to me, bubble gum is the most attractive because it will give the highest yield. however, it claims that there is potential for bud rot and it can be difficult to grow? are there ways to prevent that and do yall think i can do it?!?!

thanks as always!

i am growing outdoors. and its not to late right? I actually saw that the non-autoflower were cheaper. could i start them now and get the same amount of yield (or more?) as i would from an auto? that would be awesome because there are more options!!!

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being in New England area you wont get a photo plant to the end. Autos you could get them in no problem. You could start a couple grows a few weeks apart and still get a decent haul before it gets to cold out side.
I think @Countryboyjvd1971 is in the north east… he could p[robably guide you on that.

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I tried auto for the first time this year. I had started 3 seeds and nothing happened.
than tried again, with 2 seeds and they are in 2 or 3 gallon pots and one is a good size and the other is smaller and both starting to flower.
than i had 5 seeds left. I threw them in the veggie garden, and didnt see anything for a few weeks and thought they were gone.
4 of the 5 popped, I might have “weeded” one out by mistake. they are about 2 weeks old and starting to grow.

It’s a bit late for photos. I’m not saying impossible, but they’d be small and you’d have to have them in containers so you could move them indoors at night or when the temps start dropping; preferably to a room with plenty of direct daytime sunlight. I’ve finished off a plant this way.

Autos would be the direction you want to go, but depending on where in NE, you still might have to keep them portable.