What auto flowering genetics would you recommend?

Hey all has anyone grown auto flowering bud and if so what sort of yield did you get? Was the smoke flavourful? Easy to grow?

Hey there @Purestgunk and welcome to the forum my friend, I have grown some auto’s and I loved Northern Lights and NL×BB both are indica and excellent somke hope this helps :v:️.

White Widow auto


Hi have you tried many others?

Looks good how many oz?

Yes I have some Super Skunk and 2 SweetBerry Cough and 2 GGs they are just finishing I have a journal if you would like me to tag you in @Purestgunk.

Yes tag me please

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I love The amnesia haze autos the white widow auto super skunk auto but right now my favorite is probably the OG Kush auto which I have a journal going for three of them in one pot I have tried them all except for the Lowrider they all have a little different medicinal values :wink: but all have been great when I started doing auto flowers I was getting 2-3 oz now I’m getting anywhere from 3-6 oz each plant they are all Temperamental but they’re tough little bugger’s


@Purestgunk- I am growing Low Ryder auto outdoors somewhere between the Atlantic Ocean and Alabama

. My first time growing, many mistakes made on my part. Ladies are 45 days old. Due to my mistakes, I don’t think I will get enough product for 2 bowls, girls are about 10" tall.
I think Strawberry will be my next autoflowering purchase.

Yeah a few growers dislike autofems but have you grown any outdoors?

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@Purestgunk 24 -48 hrs of darkness will Increase your trycombs makes what’s clear turns milky or milky to amber

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Yes I have my 3 og kush autos are outdoor

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Wow excellent do you feed them bloom solution from day 1?

No I feed bloom as soon as it Start to transition into flour but I start them off with fostering the nutrients after about a week to week three after they sprouted

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I’m growing a ILGM Cheese Auto over at the below link and so far it’s growing wonderful. Now this is my first grow so I can’t report any weights. However the weights shouldn’t really be taken into consideration since the yield really depends on your equipment and knowledge of growing all put together.


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