What are your top choices of strains that take mainlining well? Bonus round… let’s see your mainlining!

So I am already thinking about my next grow and I want to do a feminized photoperiod that takes mainlining really well w/o any fuss, stress, etc. I am looking for a pretty long Veg period cause I really want to go to town with this technique. I am also looking for something with pretty buds and good smoke. I was thinking about Jack Herer, but it seems a bit finicky. Thoughts? So what are your suggestions for a strain based on past and present experiences?


  • Feminized Photoperiod.
  • Long Veg period.
  • Must work in a 2x4 grow closet grow.
  • Must be a reputable seed co (ILGM or the like) with good genetics.
  • Must not be too finicky.
  • Must take mainlining really well.
  • Sativa or Indica are both welcome.
  • Beautiful buds.
  • Great smoke.

But wait, there’s more! Don’t stop there! No, no!!! Post those pictures! Let’s see your mainlining works of art!!!


Mainlined Super Skunk.



@Arrow and @kaptain3d might be able to help


@MeEasy can help. He had some serious mainlining skills

My GCPs from Sunken Treasure seeds can and did take a boatload of torture and training… :smiling_imp:


Oups, I didn’t noticed the feminized part… :man_facepalming:
The GCP is only available as Reg…afaik…

blue cheese…super silver haze…blueberry…dutch passion, rqs, sensi…to name a few…hope this helps… :sunglasses: :v:

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These are in my tent now both did alright strawberry n s silver both haze silver is the back left I guess I don’t have a good pic… almost any sativa heavy strain will do alright, you just have to look for medium and tall in the seed description… have to add blue dream to the list of favorites it’s in the haze family as well


These 3 Acapulco Gold lady’s were mainlined and super cropped. Almost lost all of them
to Fungus Gnats, #1 was in veg for 9 weeks, #2 and #3 for 8 weeks. The extra week for #1 was well worth it, it’s buds are bigger.




The Bounty…

#1is in the back corner.
#2 is in the foreground.
#3 left back.