What are your thoughts on this

I have a 300w led light that was used for parking lot lighting. What are your thoughts on converting it for a indoor tent grow 4x4x6.5. I would need to remove the existing housing to something of similar size but lighter. Add small computer fans for ventilation (but not totally necessary) and get full spectrum lens grid to lay on.

Just curious if it’s a diy lighting project with merit or nah…


I love to save money and repurpose, but…

Unless you know color temperature, age of fixture, etc. there are so many advancements in LED tech and especially for Cannabis, I would recommend biting the bullet and buying a specific light.

But, Im no light Guru.

@dbrn32 is, he will set you straight. Good luck.


It doesn’t look like it has enough heatsink material to be a 300 watt light. Any chance it’s a smaller light that is marketed as a 300 watt replacement? We could maybe tell if there is any labels stating voltage and current?

I’m sure the light could be repurposed for growing, but I’m a little skeptical it would be enough for a 4x4 space.


Hey guys thanks for the input…This is what’s on the power supply and it’s 2 of them.

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Sweet! Its probably still a better light for something like a 3x3 space. The best leds available still need 500ish or so watts to do pretty good in a 4x4. And I would be a little concerned that the chip layout is too tight, that you wouldn’t have enough height in a tent to get coverage in a space that large. With the limited height it could be too much intensity in the middle and not enough on the edges. spectrum king makes lights similar and they are difficult to run in tents.

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