What are your thoughts on air pots? What size should I use?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

What are your thoughts on air pots? What size should I use? Are fabric bags better? Out door growing. Thanks

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i like using fabric pots…size of pot all depends on how big would you like your plant…smaller pot,smaller plant…
inside i use from 4gal up to eight gal but i have limited room…happy growing!
join us here on the forum,great community with plenty of info!

Ive heard good things about the airpots except the prices
The fabric or cloth pots are cost effective and relatively cheap 5 5gal pots for under 20$
So most of us here use them

Here a example


I use the fabric pots. As for size, that depends on what you’re growing and how much room you have. I’m using 30 gallon pots and they are a handful to work with. A thirty gallon pot is not something you’re going to pick up and move around as they are heavy! It takes about 4 wheelbarrow loads to fill one. Still, they are large enough to grow six or seven foot tall plants, and small enough for backyard grows.

Growing outdoors with 7 gallon fabric pots.


Beautiful, what are you growing?

2 blueberry photo, 2 bubblegum auto, 1 strawberry kush photo and 1 unknown regular auto. 1st real grow so we will see what happens.