What are your preferred microbial additives for live soil?

Besides activated nematodes, whats a good living organism that will increase root stimulation.

Mycorrhizae is a living fungi that promotes root growth. And tribus is rhizobacteria that help promote nutrient uptake and mobilize micronutrients


Sweet. Im assuming everything is available on Amazon lol but I’ll check my local hydroponic store.
Thanks @Bobbydigital

Hydro store should have great white mycorrhizae. I’m not sure if they sell tribus, none of mine do. I don’t think amazon sells it either.

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So are you using ( composted garden soil ) or a built up soil like supersoil, IE fox farms or stuff made of components? Are you using organic ferts or salts line bottled nutrients ie GH or other…?
Almost any of the worm casting teas online will also provide loads of goodness, especially if using mycos

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I have 4 in Fox farms ocean floor and 4 in cocoa with amendments. Everything organic.

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I use Urb and also a bit of unsulfured molasses once into flowering to feed the microbes.

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Xtreme Mykos ( Glomus intraradices mycorrhizal )
Xtreme Azos (Azospirillum brasilense )

I use Mykos and Azos and just started recharge. Mykos and Azos is like a sniper rifle. Recharge is like a sawed off shotgun. Everyone is saying to use Mammoth P with recharge. Stupid results .

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Are you using just teas in flower or any nutes? I’m curious as I haven’t bought flower nutes and in a super soil. Not sure which direction is best or both😂

I’m in a fully amended soil with compost and the good stuff. What should I use during flower @Cannabian

I’ll chech all available sources then come back to you. The great white should be sufficient.

Im trying U cann abundant bloom, like it alot so far! But Ill need to buy their bulk variety next time as the stuff they formulated for the legal cannabis market is way to small for my plants needs! A regular sized 4 foot plant takes a tablespoon per plant, mine take 7 or so per plant. So in the small bucket isnt enough or cost effective. The ingredients are great though and I dont have to buy the individual ingredients and make it, though it wouldnt be that hard to do. This is a Gia green product.

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