What are your favorite “Tea” recipes?

I’m in my first “real grow”, and seeing all these YouTubers and their Tea recipes. There’s so many different ones. What are your go to products that produce your best harvests……

Mine is as follows, but no harvest to prove anything

In a 5 gallon bucket I use this

4 gallons Tap water
1 cup Worm Casting in a cheesecloth bag
2 TBSP Grandmas Black Unsulphured Molasses
2 TBSP Bone Meal 0-15-15
2 TBSP FISH Poop 5-1-0

Using a Fish tank pump. I let it stew for 36 hours.

I use boogie brew, molasses, wormcastings, bubble 24 hours. No harvest yet, 1st timer :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great topic idea @Duh-BanjoPicker.

One of my favorite ways to get rid of fast growing noxious weeds (aka nutrient rich material) is to make a nasty anaerobic weed tea. Maybe to be accurate, soup. This one’s not going into any sprayer.

I make my anaerobic tea by filling a 5 gal bucket of fresh leaves packed stiff. Or dandelions, blackberries, buttercups, or whatever you are pulling up at the time. Hopefully not daisies, ha. Anyway, then I top it with water, some table scraps, and a splash of urine for the cap. If I have any extra char laying around a pack it in there now too… Put on a loose lid and put it behind the Tumblr for a couple of weeks. All the leaves or weeds break down into a terrible smelling anaerobic goo. You know it’s ready when it’s thick like molasses. That’s great for the garden. But do it when it’s raining because it’s pretty rich and it smells bad. The rain is a great way to work it in and mix it with your other microbes. It dilutes it. Or at least have the sprinkler running while you pour it. You want to dilute it by half. I usually pour off half really lightly around the garden. Then refill it back up. By the way you do not want to do this one indoor. It can be a bit ripe smelling.
This is just for the outdoor growers👈.

The one I like to put into a sprayer is to put a 5gallon bucket under the drain of my compost tumblers. Once there is a couple inches of liquid I just flood it the rest of the way with creek water. It’s really microbe and humic and fulvic acid rich. If I am in a rush or it’s the mid day sun and I don’t want to spray it, I just pour it into a water can.

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I have two teas i like to use one is a nutrient tea
Which is 20ltr bucket with ph water i put four air stones from a fish pump i start bubbling the water then i add two and a half cups of worm castings two n a half cups of mushroom compost one scope of fish bone meal and the same of kelp meal i add two tablespoons of molasses desolved in warm water and i add two caps of fish liquid i bubble it for 24 to 30 hours then feed my plants .Now the second tea is a banana and cucumber skin tea i get the skins from four bananas and the skins from two cucumbers i cut them up into small pieces place into a mesh bag put it in to a 20ltr bucket of ph water i add two tablespoons of molasses and i bubble it for 24 hours and before i water i add two caps of fish and kelp liquid to it now i only use this tea in flowering stage and the other tea i use in veg stage