What are your fave ILGM strains?!

Im about 6 weeks out from harvest, and I am starting to plan my 2nd grow! I still have plenty of random seeds, and 4 ILGM Chocolopes left, but I want to grow something different this time. I can only grow 2 plants at a time, due to my small amount of space.

SO! What are your FAVORITE strains from ILGM, and why? What should I get next? Im way more used to indicas and hybrids. Chocolope will be my 1st (well, technically 2nd) time smoking a sativa. But I’m willing to try anything! :slight_smile:

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Crystal and Sour Diesel photos.


Northern lights photos


Purple Haze for the nice motivating energy it gives. Gold leaf for relaxation without tiredness or the munchies. If I’m looking to get couch locked my choice is Granddaddy purple brownies. I like eating GDP over smoking it. It does give me a wicked case of the munchies though.

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@shindig153 thanks for your input! I appreciate the examples!!!

AhHa, i knew you would love the Crystal!! Gotta admit ive become a big Bananna Kush fan as well.


My favorite was grown by another member, maui.


Wanted to bump this because there are a ton of new strains out since this was last posted on. Would love to hear some other members thoughts @dbrn32 @primus @TDubWilly @Okie70 @Drinkslinger @Covertgrower @BobbyDigital @elheffe702 @peachfuzz @Agrestic

Love the gelato and gorilla glue. By far and large my favorite two to smoke. Seems like they’re both very old school ny/sour diesel type strains so maybe I’m just based on what I like.

Girl Scout cookies was also very nice but not on par with the first two

For rosin - skywalker was a clear winner hear. Super terpy (pressed at 170 to maximize butter/crumble consistency) I honestly stopped smoking and just pressed the rest I had it was that good.

Everything else has been nice but these stood out. So far my list consists of: Girl Scout cookies, Skywalker, Bruce banner, gelato, gorilla glue, la confidential (botm score), granddaddy purp… soon to add zskittles, gold leaf, and super silver haze to the mix


GGAF…next round will be harlequin cbd…gonna play around with making edibles and pain cream…found a good recipe for the ladies…personal massage cream…guaranteed to make the kitty purr…lol.
Check out diamond delight edibles on you tube…that old Canadian lady must have a 1000 recipes.

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I’ve had my best success with Gorilla Glue. :grin:


so far their blue dreams have nearly been all winners. easy to grow, smell amazing, 4/5 had great bud density and frost.

gold leaf- only harvested one so far but it’s a nice balanced smoke. good yield, fairly easy grow.

and the white widows… big yield, amazing color and very frosty.

i want to love the gelatos but i’ve had trouble germinating them and the two i did get to grow were tiny tiny. frostiest things i’ve ever grown but one was a total mutant and grew weird and the other was perfect but 1/5 the size of other plants in the tent.

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When you get some to grow, they should grow well with good yields. Sometimes you get bum seeds.

I need to start some GG.

You’re making me want to pick up their blue dream. I bought some from nirvana before I found ilgm and it was really nice… but I’d rather go through ilgm if it’s just as good (or probably better!)

That’s crazy you’ve had small gelatos - all mine have hit this size no issues… just shows phenos can be completely different


I don’t know if Durban poison is for everyone, but i started a couple that my father in-law grew outside. They grew really well outdoors for him being his first plants, and didn’t require a lot of attention to stay relatively healthy.

Of varieties I’ve sampled, Maui has been my favorite. It’s lemony on the palate and packs a nice buzz.

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i may have a whole bad pack if that’s even possible.

@Sirsmokesalot that gelato has some amazing structure! maybe next round. i’m going to sprout some to be mothers ahead of time and take clones when i’m ready. having so many not make it at drop time really messed up my grow schedule.


Did you try the poison? Any keynote tastes/effects?

I heard you mention the Maui earlier so if that’s still your favorite, I gotta try it out

@Agrestic make sure you reach out to them - whenever I even have a possibility of an issue they always come through and take care of me. It’s why they’ve won my business for the foreseeable future. And I know the feeling - nothing worse than seeing that empty space in the tent :sob::triumph:


One maybe had a little bit of black licorice after taste, but otherwise pretty Skunky or typical expectation from weed. The other was almost a pine taste. I would say buzz from both was typical of a mild sativa.


yeah they said they’d send more but then they stopped communicating . i’m sure it’ll get resolved, i’m between runs anyway so not a big deal. I got one of the 20 sale deals but they they offered to replace 5 of them or 10 if i bought something else. i wasn’t super excited about that but… whatever.

Sorry for the late response. Ilgm was the first place I ever bought seeds online, so when I first got them I loved every strain I grew.

I happened to be gifted some different genetics from another seed dealer after growing ilgm genetics for a couple of years and was blown away by how much better they were than ilgm. I won’t mention the seed dealers name cuz I don’t wanna get flagged but I don’t grow ilgm much anymore.

Now what I can tell you, was when I was exclusively growing ilgm, the bubblegum had the best taste I’ve ever experienced. The buds weren’t big and dense, and I was still trying to perfect my craft at that time, but that was the one strain that really had a great taste and the bubblegum flavor really stood out big time when you exhaled.

I myself wasnt impressed with gsc extreme. I had one plant that yielded a pound and got your really high but the taste was nothing to write home about, not a bad taste, but nothing special.

Chemdog still got me high but the taste wasn’t fantastic there either.

NYC diesel had a good flavor though, almost like a citrusy lemon and lime flavor and I did enjoy it.

I grew a strawberry cough that seemed more harsh than enjoyable.

Some cheese autoflowers I grew seemed to taste pretty generic to me.

Keep in mind that I was perfecting my dying and curing processes during this time so some of these strains not having full flavor might have been my own fault.

I’ve heard just about everyone who purchased ilgms Blueberry were all happy with the taste and the high but I have never bought those so I can’t speak from experience.

But from my own strains that I’ve grown from ilgm, bubblegum has done me the best. If I start buying from them again I’ll probably stick exclusively to bbgum and Blueberry.

That’s my insight my brother, peace :v: