What are you using? Watts per sq ft

Hard to say. Could be you a great deal on a competitive light too.

The plants are already happier than the old lights, so it’s a success from that perspective.

Actually, just the change in light color made them look more healthy - it went from electric and purple to green, and in the former curling leaves look unhealthy when in the latter they look fine.

Now I just have to get the proper intensity. I have a lot of lamps, and as much space or as little as I need.

4 days with the new lights. I did a little LST yesterday morning, so they are looking fuller, but there is no doubt they experienced significant growth in the past 4 days.

They had 2 265 watt burple lights on them before the new lights arrived, currently 4 150 Watt panels, slightly more watts, but I’m fairly sure there is a lot more photons or better photons or something going on here.

Zkittles on the left, Gorilla Glue on the right - I raised my lamp by an inch yesterday afternoon, and it’s already closer to the light than it was before I moved it yesterday, so an inch plus in 16 hours or so.



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Wow, 4 day difference thats some really good growth. They are definitely thanking you for the light switch up! Looks really good man!

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@dbrn32 They finally responded with the specs on my lamp. Can you help me to understand what these specs mean? These are for my 150 Watt lamp, it seems the 100 has the same ratio of 5K, 3K, and 660nm. This lamp has 15 660nm, 240 3K and 120 5K diodes. So it’s missing the UV and IR spectrums. I will post the color distribution after the main stats.

color distribution

26 watts per sq foot. Hlg260xl x2 and hlg 300l x1 in a 4x8 tent. Growing some ilgm gorilla glue and they are wicked tight nugs with a GodLike Dankness !!

@BetrayedSoul Sounds pretty awesome, I have Gorilla Glue Auto’s and was thinking of switching to regular feminized. How big do the plants get? I’m thinking pretty small based on the Yield advertised by ILGM.

@Nothingshocking I’m growing feminized and 3 plants take up a 4x8 tent. Yield is hopefully over 1g watt.

My last grow I did 1 plant and got 11.5 zips.
That grow was more of a learning for new system I’m using.

Wow, that’s really amazing.

3 plants take up a 4 x 8 tent? jeez, those must be some girthy ladies

kind of wishing I went for the HLG’s if they do that with 26 watts per sq ft, they will pay for themselves in energy savings

That info is kinda weird. It has different info listed for the same spec in different places.

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Ugh, well I’ll hope for the best, but I think the color temp is off.

Thanks for your advice bro.