What are you listening to?


How I feel about my Marijuana


I needed this after the day I’ve had, suffice to say WORK SUX.


…gonna be peaches and cream


My girls had a last hair cut listening to 5th Dimension :star_struck:


This popped up on our little, teeny tiny local station the other day. Hadn’t heard this song in about 15 years. https://youtu.be/fK9hK82r-AM


This is an evenings worth of groovin’, movin’ and for me, flashing back!!

Just awesome improv


Thirty Three minutes you will not regret @Countryboyjvd1971 and any other Lovers of the Dead


This song is track 1 on their first full length release. This is how you start off a record. LOVE this song!!


Groovy @GetbackJoJo

Classic from my era


@Screwauger That’s a great live version of that song.