What are you listening to?


LMAO as well she should hahahaha

Nice sounding set up. My buddy just got a vac purge…waiting!!!


Lmao, her little ass is scary sometimes.I made mine from a Pyrex dish, with the plastic lid. I put a valve on the lid that connect to a hose. Into vac pump that came of a vac and seal. I’m sure its not the best, but I’ve NEVER tasted any butane, or got a harsh hit. Then again I double boil the dish, without the lid, until all the liquid is gone. Then I scrap into a pile, cover and purge for an hour. Scrape and stir. Repeat. Four times minimum. Then the lighter test. Then a fat dab. If its clean, store and enjoy!


Hey @GetbackJoJo I found another goodie


I guess I never realized they were such a jam band.


Last one, promise


An evening at the Improv with Jerry and Merl…sweet jams!!!


Hey @Screwauger. Have you ever seen the album cover for Jerry’s “ Cats Under the Stars??


I have not @bryan to my recollection


Lol. My avatar is the cover


Flashbacks. I was at this show and I recall going fairly nuts when jerry began picking out the intro


Let’s try this one instead.


Good Lunch Break with hash tune.


Love the dead @Screwauger ! Here some locals (my region CLE-OH) from back in the day you may have or not heard of:


Come on everybody!!


Dates me but what a slide guitar exhibition!!!


Word to the Wise, DO NOT attempt trimming your beard with this tune playing.
On another note, this tune encompasses all I love about being an audiophile…


Happy to share some brazilian groove :brazil: :dark_sunglasses:


Back to 1968 with Ave Gengis Khan from Os Mutantes’ debut album.